If you're yet to secure a PlayStation 5 then you may want to keep an eye on three major retailers this week.

The Sony console is still proving extremely difficult for some to get their hands on, despite it first launching in the UK nearly a year ago.

Both editions of the console - Digital and Disc - rarely come up in stock with retailers across the country but when they do they sell out, fast.

And now, they are predicting possible PS5 restock launches with Amazon, Argos and Very this week.

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Here are the predictions:

PS5 Stock UK said on Twitter: "Our internal sources still indicate a 20th October 8am drop for Argos, so that's one to look out for this week.

"We have no information to confirm this but previous restock patterns indicate a possible drop this week for Amazon (20/10) & Very (19/10 or 20/10). Just a prediction."

Argos's last restock of the PlayStation 5 came on September 30.

The retailer dropped their sale online shortly after 8am.

Both the Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Console - priced at £359.99 and the Disc Version - priced at £449.99 were available to buy on the Argos website.

Save the Argos landing page here for their possible PS5 sale on October 20.

Amazon's last restock of both versions of the console took place on September 29 and sold out within the hour.

The PS5 was made exclusively available to Prime members for the first time.

Customers who add the console to their wish list on Amazon or use Amazon Smile, a separate website with portions of the sale costs being donated to charity, have had better luck in securing a PS5.

Check back here on Amazon UK for stock updates on the PS5. It's rumoured that the UK site may go live with a sale on Wednesday, October 20.

Very surprised PS5 followers with their latest drop.

The online retailer went live with their PlayStation 5 sale on Tuesday, September 24.

Queuing systems and online waiting rooms were in place for the first hour of the sale, as the site coped with demand from buyers.

Check back here on the Very website updates to join future queues and for their PS5 updates.