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Plane passenger caught brushing his teeth in seat – and people can’t decide if it’s gross or not

A MAN was caught brushing his teeth in his seat during a flight - which has left people divided.

While some have claimed it is disgusting, others don't see it as a problem.

In the image, shared on Instagram, the older passenger has his headphones on while sitting in his economy seat.

Looking away from the camera, he has a toothbrush in his mouth as he cleans his teeth.

It isn't clear where or how he spat the toothpaste out afterwards.

April, who posted the image, wrote: "In all my years of flying, I’ve literally never seen someone brush their damn teeth on the plane."

She also used the hashtag #PassengerShaming which is used to call out badly behaved passengers.

Some people agreed with April about the habits of the male passenger.

One person wrote "awful" with the sick face emoji.

Someone else simply put a laughing face in regard to the passenger.

Others didn't see the problem with the public oral hygiene.

Tyler wrote: "I've done it."

Another added: "Hygiene is a must, especially on the plane."

A frequent traveller advises passengers against using the water in the plane bathrooms - meaning using your own water in your seat could be a better option.

Gilbert Ott, who runs the flight tips site God Save The Points, said: "I don't drink the tap water, or even use it to brush my teeth and neither should you.

"Airplane water tanks are Petri dishes, with water that's been found to contain just about every bacteria and parasite under the sun."

However, former flight attendant Elaine Swann told the Seattle Times: "If your grooming needs involve your mouth, do not perform them in your seat.

"Relegate this behaviour to the bathroom, where it belongs."

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