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Pisces weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for September 19 – 25


FEB 19 - MAR 20

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You may not feel ready for a mega work move, but your chart shows you can still make it. 

You’re learning and growing as you go, and this is exactly what a VIP
wants to see.

A full moon in your own sign is a powerful signal of emotional change and choices.

You are your own best advisor on this. 

So trust your inner compass to place you on the perfect future path.

DESTINY DAYS: Tuesday and/or Thursday are fast-track travelling days.

Friday you have finding skills - this can include a home.

Dates and fate make Saturday a try-anything time.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU: Stop waiting for “permission”, start making job queries.

Celebrate losses as well as gains, especially in love terms.

FEELINGS AND FREEDOM: The full moon focuses full intensity on yourself, your abilities, your future.

Yes, for a while you need to rate yourself first in your own life, let other people wait for their moment.

This is a sign of self-support, not selfishness. 

Start every morning looking in the mirror and voicing your dreams for the day.

With Uranus’ influence strong in your connections zone, the right people will hear about your progress on the grapevine — and want to get involved.

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