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Piers Morgan slams ‘stupid selfish p***ks’ who whine about lockdowns but won’t get vaccinated


PIERS Morgan today launched into furious broadside against Brits who are refusing to get the Covid jab.

The 56-year-old TV star, had some very tough words for people who complain about lockdown but won't accept the vaccine.

He tweeted: "People who refuse to get jabbed but whine about lockdowns really are a special breed of stupid selfish p***ks."

Piers has long banged the drums for vaccinations saying from the start that he would be happy to get the jab on Good Morning Britain, she show he dramatically quit in March.

The star had the jab days before his departure, posting a video of him getting it online joking that it wasn't as "painful" as working with Susanna Reid.

Piers' remarks today prompted debate on Twitter, with one fan replying: "When the next wave hits, only unvaccinated people should have to isolate."

Prime minister Boris Johnson has been warned to not let vaccine refuseniks threaten Brits' freedom amid fears the Indian variant of coronavirus could delay June 21's unlocking.

Former minister Conor Burns is among politicians that have said Brits have endured restrictions and it "wouldn't be right" to keep them in place for people who refuse to get jabbed.

He said: "As a nation we have tolerated with generally good humour the most profound curtailment of our freedoms in peacetime for the greater good.

"It wouldn’t be right to do it again for those who have been offered a vaccine and have freely chosen not to take it - fully aware of the risks."

The Bournemouth West MP's remarks come amid a heated debate within the Cabinet over how to deal with people who have rejected the jab.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng yesterday insisted he's "absolutely confident" there won't be any delay to the PM's roadmap.

But privately senior ministers have described vaccine rejection as "the absolute principal threat to the June 21" reopening.

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