Piers Morgan had some stern words for Lee Hurst after the comedian proudly said he didn't wear a mask while out on his food shop.

The outspoken Good Morning Britain host, 55, branded Lee a "selfish prick" for boasting about being unmasked whilst out in Morrisons.

Slamming his actions as "pathetic", Piers made it clear he was less than impressed with Lee's antics.

Taking to Twitter, Lee, 57, detailed his exchange with a Morrisons worker who asked him: "Have you got a mask?"

Lee then said he responded: "Does it look like I have?" - before admitting he walked straight past the security guard to get on with his food shop.

Piers fumed over Lee Hurst's antics as the comedian refused to wear a mask

He then added: "I am starting to lose my patience. You can only remain polite for so long under this nonsense."

Fuming Piers then hit out at the comic, writing: "Imagine finding the simple task of wearing a mask to help save lives so intolerable a burden that it makes you such a reckless, selfish pr*ck?

"Then imagine BOASTING about it? Just pathetic."

Lee said he recently refused to wear a mask while doing his food shop in Morrisons
Lee took to Twitter to boast about refusing to wear a mask

And it seems as though Piers' sentiment was echoed by many Twitter users who also hit out at the comedian.

Shocked by the responses he'd received, Lee returned to Twitter to complain about the number of tweets he's had thrown at him.

He wrote: "The 'onslaught' by Covid warriors on Twitter today causing me to trend."

Piers hit out at the comedian on Twitter

He added: "(Of which I think I've seen 2) has caused me to gain almost a 1,000 new followers. Cheers cretins.

"The only stand the Covid warriors have ever made was at woodworking class at school and it fell down."

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