WE have looked at some of the old pubs and clubs around East Lancashire on a few occasions in Looking Back, but we normally focus on the buildings themselves.

This week we’ve been into the archives to dig out some photographs of the interiors of some of the area’s pubs and clubs in years gone by.

Many of the photographs were taken for advertising features to mark a refurbishment or the arrival of new owners and they now offer a fascinating time capsule of what our local hostelries were like inside.

From aspirations of grandeur to a more practical approach, each picture offers a snapshot in time of the social scene in East Lancashire.

Stools at the bar, patterned carpets, heavy wooden furniture are all things that many of us will remember from our ‘local’.

Of course, some of these styles are still around today. but on the whole this photos are very much of their time and we hope that they bring back a few memories.

If you have any pictures taken inside your local back in the day, email [email protected]