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Phil Collins to come face-to-face with ex-wife Orianne Cevey amid bitter battle over his Miami Beach mansion

PHIL Collins is set to come face to face with former wife Orianne Cevey in an online mediation session on Friday – part of the bitter battle over his Miami Beach mansion.

The music legend, 69, also looks likely to be personally involved in two days of desperate court wrangling next week, as a witness.

That is when a judge will hear his attempt to get an injunction that would give cops powers to kick Orianne, 46, and new hubby Thomas Bates, 31 out of his £30million ($39million) home.

Orianne is also demanding £15million ($19million) from Phil in a counter bid - effectively half the price of the seven-bedroom waterfront mansion.

She and Thomas have been holed up there together since September 14 and refuse to budge.

The Genesis legend claims they have used security guards to launch an armed takeover of the home – which he left in August after Orianne’s secret marriage in Las Vegas.

Phil is due to join the online Zoom call on Friday after a Miami judge yesterday ordered mediation between the warring couple.

Judge Spencer Eig said in the online hearing: “It’s kind of a fast-breaking situation.

“I think mediation before we come to some kind of conclusion hearing is important in the matter. I'm glad you are going to mediate before that time.”

Phil’s lawyer Jeffrey Fisher said: “Mr Collins is in London, I presume he can participate by Zoom.”

He also indicated the eight-times Grammy award winner may be a witness in the two-day injunction hearing starting next Monday.

Mr Fisher said: “My client is rehearsing for a tour, whether Covid permits the tour or not I don’t know.

“There is a tremendous amount of people that are involved in that and I told him basically to put that on hold for Monday and Tuesday.”

Mr Fisher said he had tried for months to resolve the deadlock amicably and added: “I won’t profess to be optimistic.

“But lightning can strike so of course, we’ll go to mediation.”

Phil and Orianne divorced in 2008 but reunited in 2016.

She claims she had a verbal agreement that gives her half the house, which once belonged to Jennifer Lopez.

As a taste of the battle ahead, the couple’s lawyer Richard Wolfe told yesterday's hearing: “We have just as much right to own this house, to possess this house by virtue of an oral agreement.

“We believe there is case law supporting our position.”

Orianne and Thomas could be seen in their lawyer's in the latest Zoom hearing.

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