Phil Collins ' ex-wife has agreed to move out of his $40 million Miami mansion, where she had been living with her new husband.

The Genesis star, 69, had insisted that his former wife Orianne Cevey-Collins had no right to live in his expensive waterfront property.

He sued to kick her and her husband, Thomas Bates, 31, out of the property.

And now, they've agreed to leave by mid-January.

Jeffrey Fisher, attorney for Phil Collins, said in a statement to Mirror Online: "Mr and Mrs Bates’ plan to hold Phil Collins’ house as hostage to leverage a settlement during a protracted court case was upended by the new judge’s bold decision to complete the injunction hearing next week.

Phil and Orianne have reached an agreement

"With the delay tactic failing, they agreed to vacate by mid-January and to allow Phil’s realtor to market and sell the property between now and the date they leave.

"Further, Phil Collins’ priceless collection of music memorabilia and artifacts from the Alamo will be retrieved within days.

"Mrs Bates’ lawsuit claiming a 50% percent interest in the house based upon an alleged oral agreement will continue, but we have no doubt that it too will come to a quick and conclusive end once the judge hears the true facts about what occurred."

Phil came face-to-face with his ex and her new husband for the first time today in mediation talks held over Zoom, Daily Mail reports.

Orianne and her new husband will move out of Phil's Miami home by mid-January
They were due to go to court over the matter

A court case had been scheduled to go ahead from Monday to Thursday next week at Miami Dade Circuit Court, but it's now been cancelled, although insiders wouldn't rule out future legal moves if the agreement collapses.

Jewellery designer Orianne, 46, had claimed that the Miami house was just as much hers as the singer's, despite the fact that they'd divorced and she'd remarried.

She has claimed that the home was half hers under a "verbal cohabitation agreement" and said she wanted $20m to leave.

Phil is currently in London rehearsing for the Genesis reunion

Phil, who is currently in London rehearsing for the upcoming Genesis reunion, had sought an injunction that would have allowed him to send police to his home to remove the couple.

He softened his stance and agreed to formal mediation instead.