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Phil Collins accepts offer to sell his £29m six-bed mansion days before cheating ex-wife’s deadline

PHIL Collins has accepted an offer to sell his heartbreak mansion – days before his cheating ex-wife’s legal deadline to quit the waterfront home.

The singer’s spectacular £29.3million six-bedroom Miami Beach property is now being listed as a “contingent” sale, meaning a deal has been struck in principle.

It comes as Phil’s ex Orianne Cevey, 46, and new toyboy husband Thomas Bates, 31, must quit the battleground mansion for good by today (THURS).

The sale will finally close one chapter in the pop legend’s astonishing battle over the home – which his lawyers allege was subject of an “armed takeover” by Cevey.

But he still faces a ferocious court fight over Orianne’s claim to half the proceeds.

Removal trucks were spotted earlier this month carting her belongings away after a judge ordered her out.

The Swiss jewellery designer has reportedly bought a £4million waterfront home in nearby Fort Lauderdale to shack up with Thomas.

Genesis legend Phil hasn’t set foot in his mansion since last September after learning of Cevey’s secret Las Vegas wedding to the former cover band musician.

He bought the place for £24million in 2015 and lived there with Orianne after they reconciled following their 2008 divorce.

The Hello, I must be Going! singer believed they were a couple.

But The Sun on Sunday exclusively revealed he was stunned when he got a text from her last July saying she had “found” another man.

Phil gave Orianne written notice on August 6 last year to leave the mansion set on 1.2 acres by September 30.

Latest court papers reveal that was before he learnt she had wed Thomas in an Elvis-themed ceremony in the Graceland Wedding Chapel.

After discovering the marriage, Phil left for his home in Switzerland and Cevey immediately moved Bates into the Miami Beach mansion with her.

Armed guards patrolled the property and Orianne allegedly had all the digital security codes changed as the couple holed up in fortress-like conditions.

A judge eventually ordered them to leave after legal wrangling. But Phil still faces a bitter legal battle over cash for the sale.

Orianne alleges he “orally” promised her a 50 per cent stake in the mansion when they got back together after she dumped wealthy second husband Charles Mejjati.

And she has filed papers in a Miami court demanding the money.

Seven-times Grammy winner Phil’s latest court filing this month asks a judge to dismiss the claim.

The singer – worth £220million – bought the house in the name of a limited liability company (LLC).

His lawyers wrote to the court this month saying: “The records reflect that Mrs Bates owns 0% of the LLC that owns the house and the land.

“It is also undisputed that she is neither a manager, co-manager not officer of the LLC. She likewise owns no interest in the realty itself.

“She never had a written lease or written authorisation to enter or remain on the LLC’s property.

“Mrs Bates was staying at the house this past summer as Mr Collins’ girlfriend and as his guest.”

The remaining cash battle could potentially spark more astonishing claims in the former couple’s feud.

Orianne has already been ordered by a judge to withdraw startling accusations against her ex-husband.

These included “scandalous” remarks about the singer’s personal hygiene and sexual performance – comparing him to Shameless alcoholic Frank Gallagher.

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