Thieves have been videoed drilling holes in cars to steal petrol in a spate of crimes amidst the ongoing panic buying crisis.

Petrol stations across the UK are facing major shortages, with some seeing long queues into the forecourt and others being forced to close completely.

And worried Brits are continuing to stockpile fuel as they worry about the shortage, caused by a lack of HGV drivers and the panic buying that's come as a result.

So thieves have decided to cash in by stealing petrol directly from the cars that Brits have filled up.

In one shocking case which happened on Sunday, Shadrack Olaloko shares his experience.

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One man describes how thieves stole diesel from his parked car (



His car was reportedly targeted and thieves drained all his fuel, as well as fuel from the van parked next to him.

"What these guys did was they came and drained out all my fuel in the tank," Olaloko said in a video shared to Facebook.

Thieves yanked the petrol cap on his car open then climbed underneath.

He continued: "They made a hole in my tank. Can you see? They made a hole and drained out all the diesel. A full tank of diesel. I just topped up yesterday.

"They drained everything out and then they left."

Olaloko filmed his car in the aftermath of the theft, showing his fuel cap slightly ajar and a whole underneath his car, which was used to drain the diesel.

Experts worry the panic buying could go on for another week if nothing is done (



He also filmed the neighbouring van, and the fuel spillage that had been left on the ground as a result of thieves getting at it.

Halfords even shared how its sales of jerry cans skyrocketed by 1,656% over the weekend as people flock to stock up on fuel.

Industry leaders worry the petrol chaos could last at least another week, with around 90 per cent of service stations outside of motorways now completely dry.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering emergency plans to bring the nightmare to a halt.

It's thought the army may be drafted in to drive fuel tankers to desperate petrol stations up and down the country.

He will plan to bring over 5,000 truckers from Europe on short term visas, although it's thought many may refuse to come.

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