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Peter Andre screams in pain after getting cramp from lifting wife Emily up with his legs

PETER Andre injured his leg while lifting up wife Emily in a hilarious prank gone wrong.

The 47-year-old star lifted Emily up with his feet while he laid on his back and she floated across his body in a super man position.

Emily wanted to try the move after Peter successfully pulled it off with their kids, Theo, four, and Amelia, seven.

In a new video on their YouTube channel, viewers saw how Pete had to quickly put Emily down as he screamed in pain.

"Ah cramp, ow I've a cramp," he howled in pain as he grabbed his feet

A shocked Emily quickly jumped off and asked where the pain was, as she expertly bent his toes back to help relieve the cramp.

Once his pain subsided, he insisted on trying again and even managed to do some squats while lifting Emily.

But then it all go too much, "I'm floored... literally," he admitted as gasped for breath on his back.

Peter shared a snippet of the video to his Instagram and joked that his doctor wife left him in more pain.

"Cheers doc... Leave your patient in pain... @dr_emily_official new video out now on our YouTube, link in my bio!" he captioned the post.

It comes as Emily admitted her husband suffered anxiety and the pandemic "was tough" on him after they both caught Covid.

The 47-year-old star tested positive for Covid in January – 10 months after his GP wife Emily, 31, caught the virus while working in hospital.

The mum-of-two spoke on Loose Women today and gave more of an insight into Pete's recent battle and and how she managed their children's emotions when their dad fell ill.

She said: "When I had it it was nearly a year, ago but at that time I think I felt quite fearful. We knew less than what we know now. It was really quite stressful.

"When Pete had it a bit more recently I was more relaxed. But he wasn't. I did try to be more relaxed around the kids to put that across to them so they weren't afraid because I really think how you feel can rub off on them.

"But it was the anxiety again for him, he was really worried. We see the scary stories in the media and that really impacted him."

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