Peter Andre's son Junior Andre has stopped eating after catching coronavirus.

The 15-year-old - who is also the son of Katie Price - was videoed in bed in the new The Andres YouTube video.

Peter briefly filmed Junior sleeping in a dark bedroom before updating fans on how he was feeling.

"He hasn't been feeling well at all, to be honest, which surprises me," the Mysterious Girl singer told fans.

"He hasn't had an appetite, he's had a temperature, he's been feeling achy."

A few days later, five days after testing positive, Junior was feeling a little better and his body stopped aching.

Peter Andre
Peter updated fans on Junior's symptoms

"Junior's feeling OK. He's got a really bad headache, his throat's really bad, but the body aches have gone, which is really good," Peter explained.

"There's a lot of prepping meals for him separately because obviously, we can't all sit together, but we are all in the same house."

The teenager recently went on Instagram Live to answer questions from fans and admitted he "doesn't wanna die".

Peter Andre
Peter filmed Junior sleeping in a darkened room
Peter and Junior Andre
Junior told fans he "doesn't wanna die"

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A fan asked if he was worried about dying, to which he responded: "Don’t manifest it. Listen, if it happens it happens. But I know God wants me to live my life to the finish, so I’m not gonna die from Covid and if I do, I do. I don’t wanna die."

He admitted he was surprised he tested positive as he thought "minors usually don't get symptoms."

However, he insisted his case wasn't severe.

Junior had to self-isolate in November last year when some of his classmates tested positive for Covid-19.

Pete wrote in his new! magazine column at the time: "Junior is having to self-isolate at the moment because a couple of people in his school year tested positive for coronavirus."