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Peter Andre opens up about his cosmetic surgery saying he’s not against his kids having it too

PETER Andre has opened up about the cosmetic surgery he had on his nose because it affected him so much.

He explained: "As a kid in Australia, I was bullied about the bump on my nose. A lot of the racism targeted at me also involved my nose."

Writing in his column in New magazine, he said: "I was so self-conscious that when things started going well with my music, I'd ask that no pictures of me were taken side on.

"I ended up getting surgery because it affected me so much. Looking back, I don't regret the op but I wish I'd spoken to someone about how I was feeling first."

He said he'd been asked during a YouTube Q&A if he would ever stop his children from having plastic surgery.

The 48-year-old singer has Princess, 14, and Junior, 16, with ex Katie Price and Theo, four, and Amelia, seven, with wife Emily.

He said: "When it comes to the kids, my advice would be that they talk to someone if there was a part of themselves they disliked.

"If they then still felt a certain way about it, and it was affecting their confidence, it could be a conversation."

I ended up getting surgery because it affected me so much. Looking back, I don't regret the op

Peter Andre

Speaking in 2019, Peter said he contemplated ending his life after suffering racist abuse from cruel bullies during his school days in Australia.

The star told how not only pupils, but even his teachers and neighbours mocked his appearance and Greek-Cypriot heritage.

He said: "When you're a kid with dark hair, dark eyes, strong English accent, much bigger nose than the kids around you, I was an outcast like you wouldn't believe.

"I mean, I couldn't have stuck out more. The term they used in Australia at the time was 'wog'. 'Wog' was used for Greeks, for Italians, people from the Mediterranean.

"I mean, it happened instantly. Instantly. In our neighbourhood, where we moved into, you'd walk down the street and they'd go, 'Get outta here, wog!' That's what it was like."

Peter told of the heartbreaking moment a teacher used the derogatory term towards him, which he says made him feel like he was "finished".

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