Peter Andre has put a fatherly foot down in a desperate attempt to protect his daughter from online abuse.

The Mysterious Girl singer, who shares 13-year-old Princess with ex-wife Katie Price, didn't want his daughter to have a public Instagram account in the first place, but has made some headway in protecting his little girl.

Peter has made headway in protecting his little girl online

He opened up to explain his own struggles with online trolling and how it has ''really affected [him] mentally''.

''I've had my fair share of horrible times when trolls said the most vicious things, which really affected me mentally,” he explained.

“Admittedly at the time I didn't know about the wonderful block button.

“Over time I realised that if I saw anything remotely negative, I'd block it straight away before reading the whole sentence.''

The dad-of-four previously opened up about why he was so worried about his kids joining social media.

Peter explained on his reality show Life with the Andres earlier this month: "With regards to music and stuff they say they really want to do it but when I say, 'Okay let's go and record' they get shy.

Pete didn't want 13-year-old Princess to have a public Instagram account in the first place

"And I say to them, 'No pressure, when you're ready, do it'.

"Unfortunately, and this is where I get scared with social media is because they're constantly, 'Well what's this person going to say?' or 'What's that person going to say?'

"This is where my concern was with Bista having a public Instagram account, which I didn't want her to have."

Pete’s intervention with Princess comes after it was revealed his wife Emily MacDonagh lives in fear of vicious trolls attacking her children over their looks.

She refuses to let their kids enter the showbiz spotlight because of what vile social media users have said in the past.

Princess has ''stopped the trolls in their tracks'' by deciding to turn the comments off on her social media

Millie, six, and Theo, three, are very rarely seen on TV or online - and with good reason.

Bitter experiences of what Pete's other children have gone through means a black-out is best all round.

Peter agrees with the idea and told The Sun: “I respect Emily’s ­decision to keep the kids out of the limelight.

“I also think that with kids these days, I have to let go of the reins as they are different to our generation.”

Emily MacDonagh lives in fear of vicious trolls attacking her children over their looks

Emily responded: “You didn’t make that decision at that time, Pete, but now we have the benefit of hindsight as well to see how it has been for ­Junior and Princess.

"'She’s unlucky she looks like her dad' and so on. It’s absolutely disgusting.

"Millie has already asked me why her face can’t be shown on TV but I 100 per cent don’t think it’s the right thing to do. I'm sticking to that."