Peter Andre has admitted his house descended into chaos during their 10 days isolating after his son Junior tested positive for coronavirus.

Junior, 15, fell ill with Covid-19 and it meant the whole family had to stay at home, leaving Pete and his wife Emily to homeschool his daughter Princess, 13, and younger kids, Theo, four, and Amelia, seven.

Pete, 48, has now opened up about what it was like spending 10 days cooped up at home with the kids, admitting the house was taken over by "screaming and madness " - particualy when Emily was on Zoom calls.

In a video posted on the family's YouTubechannel, he said: "Junior's now had a PCR test and has tested positive for Covid.

"He had the headaches, the body aches, he really wasn't feeling great. He's had it - and now we've all got to self-isolate for 10 days.

"The kids are at home and it's back to homeschooling. Junior's up in his room not feeling great and Emily has to now do all her Zooms from home.

Peter Andre filmed his youngest kids climbing all over the furniture
Peter Andre filmed his youngest kids climbing all over the furniture

"She's in all day in one spot in the living room and all she can hear is the screaming and the madness going on in the house."

In his video, the singer showed Amelia and Theo jumping all over the furniture, Princess playing with a loud microphone and it looked like patient Pete was about to lose his rag.

He also filmed the family taking part in a scavenger hunt around the garden, baking cakes and the younger kids having a ball on the outdoor climbing frame.

Peter Andre
The singer ended up in a washing pile
Peter Andre's daughter Princess was moaning she was bored
Pete's daughter Princess was moaning she was bored

The kids were also seen rolling around in a pile of washing on the floor before Pete joined in.

The Aussie star also filmed himself going into Junior's room to check on the teen, who was heard coughing away off camera.

At the end of the clip, Pete is seen looking relieved as the 10-day isolation period came to an end, saying: "Today is our last day of self isolation and we are like, oh my gosh, we can't wait to get out and about."

Peter Andre during isolation
The singer looked like he was at the end of his tether

He also thanked fans for sending such kind messages wishing Junior a speedy recovery.

Junior previously said of his illness: "The first few days, my head was the worst.

"My head was banging so much. I dunno how I got symptoms, because I'm a child, I'm 15. But my head was banging, my body was aching, my throat was fine.

Peter Andre and his family during isolation
Emily set a scavenger hunt to keep the kids busy

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"And then all of a sudden my body's sort of stopped aching – it aches sometimes – my head still bangs but not as much but for some reason my throat is so sore.

"It's killing me. I don't know why. It's not part of the symptoms I don't think, but maybe I've got something else with Covid.

Peter Andre during isolation
Pete was relieved when the isolation period came to an end

"Yeah, I have Covid. I've got what's it called? Like a week left."

He added: "Yeah, I've got Covid. And for some reason I have, like, symptoms.

"Normally minors don't get symptoms. It's not severe… it's just annoying."