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‘Perfectionist’ mum uses an old sock to paint all her window sills and skirting and raves it’s a complete game-changer

A MUM is raving about how effective a sock is to paint your house with – calling it a ‘game changer’.

The woman revealed that despite being a ‘perfectionist’, she turned to an unusual tool to give her doors and skirting boards a refresh.

She claimed that putting a sock on your hand and using that to paint the wood was the most effective method – leaving no drips.

The crafty mum also said she managed to get her painting done a fraction of the time it usually took.

Sharing her unusual method on Facebook group DIY On A Budget, she said: “Who ever invented the sock and gloss method… I actually would snog you right now!!

“I'm a complete perfectionist and come from a family of painter decorators and I was so dubious but I've got an entire house to paint so tried it.

“I honestly hand on heart think it's a complete game changer.

“There's not one drip and the entire skirting boards/door/ windows took about half an hour to do.”

She added that she put a Marigold glove on under the sock to stop paint getting on her hands.

And she confirmed it was “proper gloss” not satin, sharing a snap of the tin of Wilko non-drip gloss, costing £8.

Her unusual advice has gone down well online, with her post racking up more than 4,500.

People vowed to try her way of painting, with one person said: “Might give this a try.”

Another person said: “We were doing it all wrong.”

A third wrote: “Excellent! You have sold it to me now. I’m in the middle of decorating and I’m definitely going to do this.”

Somebody else added: “Genius will defo be using this myself, I've a few doors need redoing thanks for sharing.”

And someone else also called it a “game changer”.

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