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People smugglers already convicted abroad…but our courts WON’T extradite them

DOZENS of Albanian criminals are in Britain fighting extradition to Europe despite already being convicted there of people smuggling.

Astonishingly, The Sun on Sunday discovered some have been allowed out of jail on bail here — even though they have been found guilty and sentenced to long terms abroad.

Critics have blasted the UK’s sluggish legal process which is frustrating French and Belgian police who want them returned — at the same time as our government complains about lack of action by those countries to stop cross-Channel migrants.

It comes as shock figures last week revealed more than 9,000 migrants had made it to Britain this year — already more than in all of 2021.

Although the majority of them arrived in boats, there are still hundreds slipping through in lorries and vans, with Albanian traffickers firmly in control of the market.

They charge up to £20,000 each to smuggle people into the country and openly advertise their services on TikTok, Facebook and other social media sites.

A search through extradition hearings before Westminster magistrates’ court in London reveals dozens of Albanians who are awaiting removal to France, Belgium and Germany to face trial for people smuggling or to return there to serve jail sentences.

Many of them are using the notoriously slow appeals process at the High Court to fight their removal, making a mockery of the justice system.

They should be put on the first plane and taken back to where they came from.

Tory MP Peter Bone

Tory MP Peter Bone said: These people are evil and have no right to be in this country. They should be put on the first plane and taken back to where they came from. They are the worst people in our society and have no regard to the people who they traffic into the country.”

A source said: “It’s pretty rich really. We are asking the French to toughen up on people trafficking and when they get a result and it involves a criminal in this country, they just use our legal system to fight extradition. It’s very frustrating.”

Among the cases being dealt with by Westminster JPs is that of Albanian Alket Dauti, 35.

He was held by the Met Police in 2018 along with his cousins Kujdesi Dauti, 36, and Sabah Zaka, 37, at the request of the Belgian authorities.

All three were found guilty of smuggling migrants into Britain via lorries driving through Belgium.

Alket got 12 years, but fought extradition for two years before being sent back to a Belgian jail. Kujdesi, of Romford, Essex, and Zaka, from Bromley, South East London, got eight years each, but have been fighting extradition since.

We will continue to assist other states to bring people to justice.

The Home Office

Incredibly, both men are currently out on bail and Kujdesi has even been given British legal aid.

A Belgian prosecution source said: “It’s crazy. These men have been convicted and sentenced two years ago and they are still not behind bars. They are exploiting the British judicial system.”

The Home Office told The Sun on Sunday: “We will continue to assist other states to bring people to justice so individuals cannot escape the law by crossing national borders.”


James Somper

POLICE hunting people-smuggling gangs have 50 investigations on the go, they have revealed.

The National Crime Agency has shifted resources to tackle the rings.

Officers are working undercover in northern Europe as increased police patrols force the smuggling gangs to move away from the stretch of coast around Calais. Police sources say they have found new networks where smugglers ship inflatables from the UK to the Netherlands.

The NCA’s Andrea Wilson said: “We have around 50 ongoing investigations into networks or individuals.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel explains immigration powers granted in govt's Nationality and Borders bill

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