The story of a woman's McDonalds order mix up has split the opinion of ECHO readers this week.

Lifelong vegetarian Charlotte Sunshine was looking forward to tucking into her Veggie Deluxe meal from McDonald's on June 8, which was ordered by her boyfriend Calum Donaghy.

But the 26-year-old was left "vomiting and in tears" after just one bite as she claims she realised that thanks to an order error she was eating real chicken rather than the veggie deluxe she ordered.

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Charlotte was stunned to recognise a 'Quorn-like' taste and frantically Googled her regular meal's ingredients to find it doesn't contain the meat substitute - meaning she'd accidentally broken her life-long commitment to not eating meat.

Snaps of the botched order show the meal's usual two red pepper and pesto goujons replaced by a single chicken patty despite 'Veggie Deluxe' being emblazoned on the burger's box and label.

Charlotte Sunshine was horrified as she ate the chicken burger
Charlotte Sunshine was horrified as she ate the chicken burger

ECHO readers shared their own stories from similar experiences at the fast food chain.

John Byrne said: "Exactly the same happened to me 20-odd years ago. I spoke to the counter staff and had it replaced. No harm no worry. No thoughts of compensation."

Sheena Coletti said: "They gave me a fish burger once as soon as I put it in my mouth I realised and spat it out. I told the manager and they gave me a refund and a veggie burger to replace it. Was just an error not done on purpose these things happen."

Some people were confused as to how Charlotte failed to notice a "big difference" in the appearance of the meal.

Anita Turpie said: "Surely she would realise the minute she’s bitten into it, I’m not being funny but there’s a very big difference between the taste of a chicken and the veggie selects also the texture is nothing alike. Spit it straight out and there’s nothing swallowed to vomit up."

Michael Ettrick said: "Anyone who's had a veggie deluxe before will know they don't look anything like this so why she proceeded to take a massive bite out of it before investigating first is anyone's guess."

Others were critical of her decision to complain. Mo Doyle said: "Kids are starving to death in the world, sure they would have been grateful for that one bite she ate!"

Jaime McCall said: "I feel sorry for the poor person who got her veggie deluxe instead of a chicken burger!"