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People are using NAIL VARNISH to hide scratches on their cars and claim you would never notice a difference

THERE’S nothing worse than scratching your car and realising you need to pay hundreds of pounds to get it fixed.

And no-one really wants to drive around with scratches all over their car.

But we’ve all done it, right?!

But thanks to savvy TikTok users, there’s a new hack for hiding such scratches and they claim you would never notice a difference.

TikTok user Océana posted the clever hack to her TikTok account, ‘occcccmrt’.

The video shows the woman using a red nail varnish to cover up scratches on her red car with the caption: “clio réparée.”

In a matter of seconds, you see the nasty scratches practically disappear once the nail varnish has been applied.

And the nail varnish is almost the exact same colour of the car so hides the scratches perfectly.

You would never know!

Clearly her hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over a whopping 23.4million views and 2.5 million likes.

We’re not sure how long this nail varnish hack would last, but users seem to be going crazy for it.

The nail varnish hack has since gone viral all over TikTok, with many other users also doing it.

Not only is it a really cheap way to hide the scratches, users are doing it with all different coloured cars - black, white, blue and more.

People were quick to comment their appreciation for this hack on Océana’s video.


One person said: “Perfect colour match.”

Another added: “Nobody’s gonna know.”

A third commented: “And they say girls know nothing about cars.”

Meanwhile, people are horrified after seeing the lengths car dealers go to so second-hand ones look good as new.

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