Pensioners and retired Brits have slammed Chancellor Rishi Sunak for “leaving them out” of vital support after he delivered his Budget.

Mirror readers have been reacting to the government's tax and spending plans for the year ahead - and say they’re “highly disappointed” the triple lock wasn’t reinstated.

The triple lock usually guarantees that the state pension will increase by the highest of inflation, average earnings growth, or 2.5%.

But it was downgraded to a double lock to avoid a record 8% rise after the pandemic pushed earnings growth higher as workers returned from furlough.

Mirror reader David, who is aged 80 and lives alone in sheltered accommodation in the South Midlands, said there "wasn’t anything at all" that would make a difference to him in the Budget.

Stephen Hughes called for the triple lock to come back into force

“I’m highly disappointed in it,” said David, who claims Attendance Allowance and Carers Allowance.

”I think the Chancellor should’ve reinstated the triple lock. It is vital that it comes back.

”I'd also like to see more financial support and extra support for benefits or bigger discounts.

”I know they keep on going on about social care as well but they’re doing it through the local councils. Unless they ring fence it, it will make no use to us.”

Stephen Hughes, aged 60, from Lancaster, is a retired civil servant who agreed there needs to be a promise that the triple lock will come back into force.

He said: ”If people have paid into their pension all their life, they need some sort of guarantee.

”They also need a legal commitment to keep up with prices and earnings.

”I had heard there might be some changes coming in to encourage people to join workplace pensions to tie in with people living longer, so I was a bit disappointed there wasn't.

”If you’re living longer, you need more of an income.”

New figures from former pensions minister Steve Webb, who is now a partner at Lane, Clark & Peacock, show retirees will miss out on an average of £2,600 each over five years because of the suspension of the triple lock.

Meanwhile, documents from the Budget show the Treasury will save an eye-watering £30.5billion.

The triple lock is expected to be reintroduced for 2023-24.

Mr Webb told The Times: "The decision to break the triple lock will have a huge impact on pensioners even though it is for one year only.

"Pensioners will face a particular squeeze next year, as rapidly rising bills for fuel, food and council tax will quickly more than wipe out the planned state pension rise, which will leave them facing a spending squeeze for years to come."

Those saving for their retirement were also dealt a blow as the lifetime allowance was frozen again.

The lifetime allowance is the total amount you can build up in all your pension savings without incurring a tax charge and is currently sat at just over £1million.

The Treasury has been contacted by The Mirror for comment.

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