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Penis GYMS can ‘treat erectile dysfunction’ – 4 moves to strengthen your erection

SINCE the dawn of time, men have been worrying about the size and strength of their todgers.

However, a top fitness expert and 'biohacker' has now revealed the one simple way blokes can boost their members - a Penis Gym.

Ben Greenfield, a human performance and health guru, says investing in this bizarre new device can help guys improve their performance between the sheets.

He says the kit, which he trialled for a month himself, can strengthen the muscles in a lad's manhood - to help combat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Ben told The Times: "Buy a 'Private Penis Gym'.

"This resistance training kit features a weighted base that fits around the penis and an attachable magnetic weight.

"To strengthen male pelvic floor muscles: place the kit around an erection and lift the weight up and down by squeezing and releasing pelvic muscles. Do 20 rapid flexes."

The Private Gym Kegel & Pelvic Exercise System for Men, costs £80, and is designed to improve sexual performance, prostate and urinary health and increase bowel control.

The kit, includes a Male Pelvic Fitness book and interactive DVD and a resistance ring and exercise program - as well as weights.

It claims to "strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, improve sexual performance, and treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction".

Ben even admitted to including his 'Penis Gym' workouts as part of foreplay with his wife Jessa.

He added: "This is kinda fun actually. In a ‘I’m working out while we have sex’ kind of fun way."

Despite this, if you can't afford to invest in one of these Penis Gyms there is a four-step plan you can follow in the gym to strength erections.
And apparently these moves can reduce the chance of shooting too early.

Move one: Kegels

3 sets of 30 reps. 3-4 times a week

Think Kegel exercises are only for women? Think again.

All men should be doing them - whether you've got any issues or not - because everyone can benefit from stronger pelvic muscles.

They help to improve bladder and bowel control, which can prevent any leaking from happening.

And they also help achieve erection and prevent premature ejaculation.

Move two: Hindu press-up

10 times 
Sometimes performing missionary can be quite hard on the arms and shoulders, so this move will help condition you for sustaining the position for longer.

You can find video examples here.

Move three: Front squat

5-10 times

Squats are fantastic full-body moves which help to tighten the core, the glutes, the pelvic muscles - and by adding weights, also the arms.

Move four: Hip Thrusts

3 sets, 10 reps 

Everyone could do with a little more thrusting practice, right?

So, is there anything else you can do besides these moves to improve things - without resorting to drugs?

Dr Sarah Jarvis told us that there are several easy lifestyle hacks you can try to reduce your chances of premature ejaculation, including:

1. Wearing a condom

Wrapping up can reduce sensation which may buy you a bit of time because sex won't feel as intense. Condoms are also the only form of contraception which protect you from STIs...and there's nothing like a venereal disease to put you off getting down and dirty, is there?

2. Changing position

Having sex more often and getting your partner to go on top may help to delay the inevitable. Any excuse!

3. Try the "start-stop" method

This involves stopping sex just before you orgasm, and waiting for your erection to subside a bit before going again.,

Ideally, you should try that three times before allowing yourself to orgasm.

You might need to practice a bit in order to recognise when you're about to blow.

4. Give it a squeeze

Squeezing the head of your penis for a few seconds just before you orgasm is another variation of the "start-stop" method.

It might be worth getting your partner to do this for you in order to keep the mood going and to help you relax.

Premature ejaculation affects around half of men over 40