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Pelosi says Trump backers aren’t uneducated just ‘sad’ and scoffs that some will never be won over ‘and you know why’

NANCY Pelosi said supporters of President Donald Trump aren't uneducated just "sad" and scoffed that some will never be won over.

Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, denounced Trump backers as she was interviewed Thursday morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

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The Speaker joined Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist on the weekday morning news show to discuss coronavirus relief and various topics.

Pelosi opened up about what she thinks is "really sad" as she answered a question on why 46 percent of Americans have "thought it was okay" for Trump to be president.

Before going into detail about Trump supporters, she blasted the president for having "no idea of what the truth is."

Pelosi then said: "These people in our country, as I've traveled the country for years now, Speaker, Leader and whatever, they've always respected the Constitution of the United States, whether they agreed with you.

"Democrats, Republicans, different point of view, the Constitution was essential. 

"Many of them took the oath to protect and defend it, and now all of a sudden the total disregard that he has for the Constitution seems to be okay with them.  That's sad."

As the interview continued, Pelosi informed her listeners that Trump supporters should not be identified as uneducated - and listed some reasons why they are educated.

She suspects that the "commitment" of which some Trump supporters and Democrats "share to the Constitution" can bring opposite sides together.

Pelosi added: "Now, there's some of them we will never get, and you know why. 

"It's no use my going into that, but I do think that as we look at what this President might do to undermine the election, the Constitution, the election, the environment, fairness, who we are as a people, denigrating newcomers and the rest has been so destructive. 

"It's no use dwelling on that.  We just have to go forward."

Pelosi later revealed that Democrats and Republicans are beginning to put "pen to paper on certain easier parts of the [stimulus] bill" - after being blasted by the president over the delay.

She confirmed she is "pleased" at where they're at right now and added that both sides are at close to reaching a deal for a second coronavirus relief package.

The House Speaker will continue her talks with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Thursday in regard to a stimulus agreement.

Pelosi said she is still “optimistic” that both sides can reach a deal soon – but cautioned that passing it into law will take time as she and the Trump administration try to resolve outstanding issues.

“If we can resolve some of these things in the next few days, it’ll take a while to write the bill,” Pelosi told reporters at the Capitol but added that they’re putting “pen to paper on certain easier parts of the bill.”

The Speaker's optimism comes as the White House vowed on Wednesday to push hard for a Covid-19 stimulus bill worth about $2trillion.

It also comes as President Trump blasted Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over the bill's delay.

“Just don’t see any way Nancy Pelosi and Cryin’ Chuck Schumer will be willing to do what is right for our great American works. Or our wonderful USA itself, on Stimulus,” he tweeted.

However, the chance of such a relief bill getting through both chambers of Congress are slim, with Senate Republicans hesitant on passing such an expensive package.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has insisted that Trump is “willing to lean” on Republican Senators to pass a stimulus bill with a substantial price tag.

Democrats are pushing for a stimulus bill in the range of $2.4trillion that would renew federal unemployment benefits, issue $1,200 personal checks to most American taxpayers and give aid to local and state governments.

Earlier this month, Pelosi rejected the White House’s $1.8trillion relief package – saying the bill “wasn’t passable.”

However, legislation won’t move anywhere unless Mitch McConnell and his Senate majority offer support.

McConnell said Tuesday he would “consider at some point” any deal that could win approval from Trump and Democrats.

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