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‘Pedo killed girl, 9, with chloroform while trying to sexually assault her in macabre home’, cops say

A SUSPECTED pedo has been accused of fatally poisoning a nine-year-old girl with chloroform while trying to sexually assault her, cops claim.

Jeffrey Beagley, 34, was allegedly attempting to assault the girl in a “macabre” home where he kept 1,100 child abuse images when she was exposed to the deadly dose.

The nine-year-old was found dead on November 9 in the home in Grand Junction, Colorado, which was also reportedly filled with headless dolls and a ‘Witch's Bible’.

Beagley has since been charged with murder and child abuse as well as attempted child sex assault and sexual exploitation.

He had ordered the chloroform, which can be used to render people unconscious, on November 1, and it was delivered the day before the girl was found dead, the affidavit reveals.

Cops found an empty chloroform bottle inside a makeshift tent filled with pillows and blankets which was inside a shed behind the main house.

Detectives described the tent as being built for "privacy and seclusion" as well as for watching and recording video.

Inside, cops found a computer monitor, a laptop, and a video camera.

The blankets in front of the monitor had apparent drops of blood on it, according to the affidavit.

The chloroform bottle and a rag were found near the blankets.

Beagley told police he was going to use the chloroform for hemp production, even though he had no idea how the liquid was related to hemp, the affidavit states.

It was later found that Beagley was not in the ‘Hemp Industry’, as he had claimed.

During their search, cops allegedly uncovered 1,110 pictures and 73 videos of child abuse, some of which depicted the victim, who was apparently recorded with a hidden camera.

The home was dirty with old food on the stove and writing on the walls in crayon.

Overlooking the bed where the girl is believed to have died was a large Easter bunny type mask that had been 'decorated' in such a way as to look like the ears had large bloody wounds, cops said.

A coroner’s office report that found the child died of “chloroform poisoning”.

The relationship Beagley had with the child is not being made public.

He is being held without bond and is due in court on December 31.