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Paul Jubb supports Nick Kyrgios' trick bag at Wimbledon

Paul Jubis pleased to play Straight Man as the entertainer ofNick Kyrgiosin the first roundWimbledonclash. increase.

Britain's number 8 jab made its second appearance as a wildcard three years after his debut, landing the most eye-catching draw of Home's hopes.

Kyrgios is now closer to 30 than 20, but often remains a sublime and potentially ridiculous mystery in the same match.

"I need to play the match I normally play. How do I go about other matches and get him to do him," Jab said.

The 22-year-old boy will prepare for a shot through his leg and, in some cases, a serve under his armpit, but Kyrgios's antique has no objection.

"He is an entertainer," Jab said. "People are looking at him, so I don't say it's a bad thing. He brings a lot of excitement.

" I've never objected to Saab under the armpit. It's against the rules. It's not a thing. If someone stands behind you, do it. I don't understand why people complain about such things. So he did it to me and it If all goes well, I'll probably laugh. "

The 2019 Jab Wildcard goes from public housing on the Hull Council to the All England Club via the prestigious US college title. When I traveled, it was presented as something like a fairy tale.

Paul Jub is Nick Kyrgios (Stephen Paston / PA)

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But Jub was never happy with just supplementing the numbers. He suffered four sets of defeats against João Sousa, but his second attempt has great ambitions.

"I think we can improve from the last time, or maybe we can do a little better," said Jab, who is currently ranked 219th.

"I wasn't really happy. The way I went in 2019. But the experience is something you can't buy, you have to experience it a few times. No. I think it will help me go out on Tuesday. "

Jab has already two people this month, including Kyrgios' compatriotJames Duckworthin qualifying at the Queen's Club. Defeated the top 100 players in the grass.

"I feel like I can put myself in his position very well," Kyrgios said. "I used to be the one who won the wildcard at the Australian Open. Soaked everything in the media, the fans, everything, the hype and just being around felt really good.

"I know how he feels. He just wants to go out and play freely and has nothing to lose.

" I'm in that position, so I'm I loved it. I was weak every time I walked there. There was no pressure. So I know it would be a dangerous match.

This year I played against the top 10 players in the world and had them seen.

Nick Kyrgios

"I know I just have to ride the waves emotionally because the crowd is clearly behind the locals. I'm used to wearing such a black hat, a villain-type role. I'm going to accept it. "

While Kyrgios plays Joker, he's in Wimbledon. We are serious about our success, and this season we are showing a modest but consistently strong performance.

He skips the entire clay court season to stay home in Australia and believes this approach can bring him the best for the rest of his career.

"I don't want to be the type of player who plays all year round," said the 27-year-old player. “When I live in Australia, I find it very difficult to find a balance between spending time with family and friends and spending such a normal lifestyle.

Nick Kyrgios is in good condition on the grass (Friso Gentsch / dpa via AP)


"I'm already 7, 8 I don't want to spend months on the road. Rankings aren't something I chase. I played the world's top 10 players this year and made them look pretty normal.

"The game is I know where it is. If you're confident, you're playing well and you can light it up whenever you want. "