When you think of Patrice Evra you think of one of the finest left-backs of his generation, the consumate winner and a fiercely competitive defender.

He captained France and won the lot with Manchester United and Juventus, but has taken a rather strange career turn post-retirement.

Evra has done some punditry for Sky Sports - with some hilarious results - but appears to be dedicating most of his time these days to becoming an Instagram sensation.

The former defender has made videos featuring himself dressed up as Liam Gallagher, dancing around in a panda suit and, troublingly, licking a raw chicken.

But Evra's latest effort may be his strangest yet as he donned a kilt and mimed playing the bagpipes after being dubbed 'Lord Evra'.

The Frenchman walks into the room playing Flower of Scotland and wearing full highland dress before bending over and lifting up his kilt.

Fortunately for Instagram's content policy Evra hadn't gone true Scotsman, instead writing his catchphrase "I love this game" on a pair of fake buttocks.

The stunt almost came at a cost though, with the former Man United star slipping and ramming the bass drone into his lip.

Evra admitted: "I almost lost my tooth because of that tall sack pipe."

As one commenter noted: "Thank God you won't be around Sir Alex Ferguson after this"...