Warning: Very graphic images

Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein had burst capillaries in his eyes suggesting he was murdered, a forensic pathologist has claimed.

Former New York City Medical Examiner Dr Michael Baden was among doctors in the room when the sex offender’s post mortem took place.

He has questioned the official verdict of suicide, saying there are many ‘red flags’ that suggested the former financier did not kill himself.

Epstein was found in his cell at Manhattan Correctional Centre last August while awaiting trial for underage sex trafficking.

Within five days the cause of death went from being undetermined to suicide by hanging.

Dr Baden appeared on a Dr Oz TV special in which graphic images of Epstein’s body were shown.

He noted there were burst capillaries in the eyes, which are consistent with manual strangulation and not hanging.



The medic also pointed out the colour in Epstein’s lower legs was pale and not purple, which he says would have been the case if he had hung himself from his bunk bed.

Dr Baden said: ‘In a hanging, the arteries and the blood vessels, the veins are both clogged off and the person is pale. The face is pale.’

‘It suffocates you, no blood goes up there,’ Dr Oz continued.

Dr Baden continued: ‘That’s right. No blood coming in or out…. with a manual strangulation, there’s a backup of a pressure and the little capillaries can rupture and they’re best seen in the eye.’

Referring to the colour of his legs, the medic – who was hired by Epstein’s brother Mark to observe the post mortem – added: ‘The blood settles after we die. The so-called lividity, if you’re hanging, the lividity is on the lower part on the legs.

‘These would be like maroon/purple, front and back and they aren’t.’

Epstein, 66, was also found to have broken his hyoid bone, which is near the Adam’s apple in men.



Although hyoid breaks can occur during a hanging, experts have since told the Washington Post that the fracture is more common in strangulation victims.

Dozens of women accused Epstein of trafficking them when they were underage and pimping them out to his wealthy and powerful friends.

Conspiracy theorists and the financier’s estate believe he was murdered in his cell and did not kill himself.

On the night he died, Epstein had already once tried to kill himself before and had been moved into suicide watch in the prison.

He was inexplicably removed from suicide watch and put in a cell without a cellmate.

The night he died, prison guards Tova Noel and Michael Thomas failed to complete multiple mandatory checks on him.

They have been charged with falsifying documents for lying about performing the checks.

Prosecutors say they were in fact surfing the internet and napping at their desks.

The FBI continues to investigate the case.

Since his death, it has emerged that the billionaire kept diaries of the time he spent with the rich and famous.

Among his friends was Prince Andrew, who is accused of having sex with Virginia Roberts when she was underage.

The duke has vehemently denied her claims but stepped down from royal duties following public criticism of his friendship with Epstein.