A man whose behaviour was described as ‘boorish’ after an incident on an aeroplane has been handed a £1,200 fine.

John Maxwell, 35, started throwing water at another passenger at 40,000ft on the TUI flight home from the Dominican Republic to Manchester.

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A passenger told staff he was ‘acting erratically and swearing’ at his friend just before midnight on January 27.

The witness back to their seat but alerted crew members five minutes later when Maxwell started throwing water at surrounding passengers including children.

When the crew approached him he squared up to them saying: ‘Do you want trouble? What’s your problem? Who the f**k are you to tell me what to do?’

The pilot considered making an emergency landing but an off-duty police officer arrested him on the flight and he was detained using a restraint kit kept on the plane.



Despite being restrained and sat next to the off-duty police officer he continued to shout abuse down the plane towards his friend.

He was arrested when the plane in January carrying 343 passengers arrived at Manchester Airport where he denied being drunk and said witnesses had ‘conspired against him’.

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Steward Richie Warren said: ‘Mr Maxwell’s menacing and aggressive behaviour left me feeling uncomfortable and anxious throughout the flight. He was clearly under the influence of something.

‘Some children were crying and this is the first time that I have had to use the restraints in 21 years. It caused a lot of distress on board the aircraft and I am just grateful that other passengers have helped out. He should not be able to get away with this sort of behaviour.’

Maxwell was warned that he could face two years in prison but after pleading guilty he was handed the fine yesterday.

His lawyer insists that he was not drunk at the time but that his behaviour said he is aware that his behaviour appalling.

Judge David Scanlon said: ‘The people on the aircraft had no doubt saved their hard earned money to have a holiday break and what do they get? – you John Maxwell!’



‘This was a complete disregard for the welfare of other people – in particular those who where doing their jobs and who have 300 plus people to look after.

‘It was a disregard about how that behaviour impacts – in particular on the crew member. It just doesn’t go away when he’s on that flight.

‘He says “everyone seems to have conspired against him” but I find that ludicrous. This incident took place in an enclosed area and unlike most public transport there is no where else for people to go when they are many thousands of feet in the sky. You brought this entirely on yourself.’