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‘Party animal’ bridesmaid ‘steals bride’s thunder’ by announcing her pregnancy during wedding speech

IT'S one of the few moments in life where you're guaranteed to have all eyes on you - so it's only natural that some brides get a little, shall we say, "controlling" when it comes to their wedding.

But for the first time ever, the internet is taking the BRIDE'S side after her oldest friend that her wedding day was the appropriate time to announce her pregnancy.

Posting on Reddit's Am I The A*****e forum, the bride explained how she asked her three best friends to be her bridesmaids - including her "party animal" bestie Laura.

She explained: "For the morning of my wedding, I hired a fancy penthouse apartment for myself and the bridesmaids to get ready."

As they were pouring out the champagne, Laura obviously turned it down before telling her pals the happy news.

The bride wrote: "Of course I was happy for her, but obviously the focus was then on Laura and her pregnancy. Not us getting ready for my wedding - something I had been planning for two years."

Determined not to be a Bridezilla, the woman was happy for her friend and they all continued getting ready before heading to the venue.

But while they were having their photos taken, Laura decided to alter her pose to focus on a baby bump that hadn't appeared yet.

The bride explained: "I was holding my bouquet, Anna and Kelly were holding theirs but Laura placed hers on the floor and was standing with her hands cradling her stomach as if to emphasise her bump - which was barely noticeable as she's barely 12 weeks."

Despite the photographer asking Laura to pick up her bouquet, the mum-to-be said: "Oh, it's okay - I'd prefer to stand like this."

I was holding my bouquet, Anna and Kelly were holding theirs but Laura placed hers on the floor and was standing with her hands cradling her stomach as if to emphasise her bump - which wasn’t noticeable as she’s barely 12 weeks

Although the bride was irritated that the photos now "look weird", she continued enjoying her day... that is, until the speeches got underway.

She said: "As Laura was my oldest friend, naturally I asked her to say a few words. She stood up and said some nice words.

"But then ended her speech with: 'And I'm so excited to announce that as the Bride's best friend, I'd like her to be an honorary aunt to my baby who is due in summer 2020!'"

As Laura is considered an extended member of the family, the bride's relations "were over the moon" about the news.

The bride added: "Again the attention was on her and her pregnancy and not me and my husband.

"I felt so upset on my wedding day and haven't really spoken to Laura much since."

In turn, Laura has sent her a text saying the bride is behaving "like a spoiled brat and the world doesn't revolve around me".

Needless to say, other members of the group rallied around the bride when she asked if she was overreacting.

One replied: "At first it seemed innocuous enough because you asked about her not drinking - but she spent the rest of the day deliberately drawing attention to her pregnancy and that's rude as f**k.

"You have every right to be upset and she owes you an apology, most specifically for using her toast to make an announcement to your entire wedding reception."

"Talk about stealing your spotlight," another added. "It seems to me that she had ample time to say something prior to YOUR wedding day. Then once she has hijacked the mood she doubles and triples down on it. Extremely rude."

A third wrote: "She literally cradled a non-existent bump to ruin your wedding pictures, but you're the spoiled brat? She turned her toast to you into a pregnancy announcement for her on your wedding day, but you're the one who thinks the world revolves around you? What in the entitled, self-centered hell?"

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