A RESIDENT is fed up with inconsiderate drivers continually flouting the law by parking on double yellow lines on her street.

Michelle Ayres, from Blackburn, took photos of the illegal parking on Mosley Street, and said the problem has been going on for months, with nothing being done about it.

In one photo, three vehicles can be seen parked on the pavement outside a church, with a van parked next to them on the double yellow lines - blocking pedestrian access to that part of the pavement.

Miss Ayres said: “This is what we’re having to put up with. This irresponsible parking is forcing the elderly, disabled and people with prams to walk in the road.

“I’ve taken photographs of cars that continue to park illegally on Mosley Street, despite being warned by traffic wardens.

“They have been parking like this on the path, and on double yellow lines for months now, and it’s causing an obstruction.

“People with prams are having to walk into the road and people in wheelchairs as well.

“They have no concern for the general public and I know the traffic wardens are clamping down on them, but they just park their cars on the pavement when no-one is around.”

And it’s not just at the top of Mosley Street where people are having problems, as Chris Hocking, who lives close to Mosley Walk, said cars are forever parking next to the bollards and blocking off walkways for other residents.

He said: “It’s a nightmare getting up and down the street as it is, and people are always parking next to the bollards between Mosley Walk and Warwick Street and further up, it’s impossible to get through sometimes.”

Blackburn with Darwen growth and development boss Cllr Phil Riley said: “It sounds like this is a very serious breach of the parking rules, which whilst not relevant at this moment in time, it clearly needs to be sorted out for when we start to get back to normal. I will check up on what we have been doing so we are in a better place to act when we get back to normality.

"We are always concerned about inconsiderate parking and it is something we try to deal with but it’s often complicated by people who need somewhere to park their cars.

“Unfortunately there are many more cars than the town was expected to ever support but we want to help residents and encourage people to park responsibly.”