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Parents DEFEND school dishing out £1 fines to those late picking up kids blasting: ‘It’s not a creche’

PARENTS have defended the school dishing out £1 fines for every minute they are late to pick their kids up.

After some slammed Holy Trinity CoF Primary School for bringing in the new policy, others at the school gate agreed teachers shouldn't stay late.

It comes after we reported how the Gravesend school could even ring social services if children are still waiting to be collected at 4pm.

But mums today argued the school is being fair and it shouldn't be used as a "creche".

Council worker Alison Webster, 40, has three daughters - Amelia, eight, Poppy, six, and Amber, four - who attend the school.

She said: “I wouldn’t like it if people kept me back beyond my hours. People should manage their time better.

“I finish work at 3pm and work my day around the fact they finish at 3.30pm.”

And mum-of-two Melanie Weston, 47, sends kids Baxter, seven, and 10-year-old Chloe to the school.

The travel agent said: “The school’s not a crèche. The teachers aren’t paid to look after your children after school.

“Childminders charge a late fee, so I think the school doing it is fine.

“I guarantee it’s the same people that drop their kids off late everyday who are being fined."

Earlier this week we told how some parents had dubbed the policy a "disgrace".

Other schools have brought in the policy

An anoymous mum told the Sun Online her kids' school, Pippin Primary in Slough, charges parents £10 for every 15 minutes they are late for pick up.

She said: "It's just the fear, the problem is the school used to offer after school clubs every day, but so many of the instructors had to pull out as they couldn't afford it anymore.

"We've all got the fear, and we even have a WhatsApp group, where we say 'would anyone grab our kids' if we've desperate.

"It's clearly becoming common practise between headteachers today.

"But we have another school in the same village that apparently doesn't do it.

"We got the email the day it happened, we were a bit like 'what'.

"I know that the parents of the older children tried to raise it.

"But the head said 'that's the policy now'.

"We understand it but £10 every 15 minutes is a lot.

"And the email seemed to make a point of the same kids being left late. It was definite shaming."

The Sun Online went to the school for comment.

One angry parent said they were "shocked and appalled", especially as they claimed the after school clubs have closed.

They said: "Gravesend is a deprived area and many parents struggle to work due to the cost of childcare.

"Lots of schools finish around the same time and this means that it is a struggle to get kids on time."

But mum-of-two Carrie Roney, 43, said "I think it’s a good idea", and retired nurse Kulwant Nayyar added "I think it's the wrong way to approach it".

Headteacher Denise Gibbs-Naguar argued regular lateness is causing the school problems, and means teachers have to be paid overtime which it can't afford.

She said: "The Late Collection of Pupils Policy was introduced this week in a bid to ensure all our children are collected from school on time; this is for each individual child’s benefit as well as for the whole school.

"School finishes at 3.30pm but it is becoming an increasingly regular occurrence to have a significant number of uncollected children still onsite at 4pm.

"Additionally, pupils who are collected late often exhibit signs of anxiety and distress as they don’t know where their parent/carer is and worry that something may have happened to them.

"Clearly this is not something anyone wants a child to experience."