Whilst some of those unlucky people whose birthdays have fallen during the COVID-19 lockdown are having to reschedule their plans, some others have been forced to celebrate alone.

As a result of social distancing measures, they're unable to visit their family and friends.

Whereas others, like parents Anthony and Carolyn Torchia from New Jersey, pulled out all the stops to ensure their son's 21st birthday was a night to remember - despite being unable to invite others for a party during the coronavirus pandemic.

Anthony and Carolyn converted their garage into the cleverly named "Club Quarantine" and furnished it with a fully-stocked bar, dance floor and a special 'celebrity' guest.

Parents Anthony and Carolyn converted their garage into a club for their son's 21st birthday bash

Jack's sister, Emily, 18, did a very good job at playing the videographer and waitress whilst her mum Carolyn offered shots behind the bar.

Emily showcased the impressive transformation on her TikTok account, which soon went viral.

The video started with a clip of her dad Anthony standing outside the 'club' posing as the bouncer - and let's just say he took his role very seriously.

Carolyn acted as the bartender and offered out shots

He stood with his arms folded, a blank expression on his face, sunglasses on - the whole get-up - and even had lines to rehearse for the big day.

Behind him on the wall of the garage was a sign which read: "Must be 21 or older to enter".

And here was Anthony's big moment, as he asked his son to provide proof of his ID - and even flashed a light on it, scrutinising the details.

Anthony even acted as the club bouncer and asked his son for his ID

When Jack walked inside, the music was blaring and he was greeted with his mum behind the bar offering out a green tea shot to him and all the 'staff'.

And in a second video, Emily revealed a surprise celebrity guest - Justin Bieber - as a cardboard cut out.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Emily explained that her parents put a lot of effort into the night of her brother's 21st birthday to make it seem as real as possible.

She said: "My mom even made my dad memorise lines! In fact, it made this time in quarantine easier.

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Speaking to TODAY, Emily said: "My brother enjoyed every second of it. We told him at dinner that he had to get dressed up because we were going to a club - the confused look on his face was hilarious."

One person commented: "PARENT GOALS! This is some wholesome stuff. Love it."

And another said: "What I aspire to be like as a parent."