A selfish homeowner left an abusive note branding paramedics ‘dumb’ after an ambulance parked in front of their drive way.

Zoe and Chris, who work for South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), had been forced to park in front of the Hampshire home to attend a medical emergency yesterday.

They were shocked to find the word ‘dumbass’ had been scrawled in black marker pen on the windscreen of their vehicle while attending the incident.

The ‘disgusting’ note, which even appears to have been covered in plastic by its author to protect it from the rain, has sparked outrage from ambulance chiefs and members of the public.

Tweeting about the incident, an SCAS spokesperson said: ‘Sadly, this was what Zoe and Chris came back to on their ambulance after attending a medical emergency in Lymington, Hampshire, today.



‘This sort of abuse is completely unacceptable.

‘When our staff attend medical emergencies, they need to park as close as possible to the patient’s house in order to get to them and start treatment as quickly as possible.

‘Whilst they will always try to park without obstructing traffic or anyone’s driveway, it’s not always possible as the alternative of parking further away could add minutes to their arrival time that the patient they’ve been sent to simply doesn’t have.’

The angry note read: ‘Dumbass! You are fully blocking my driveway!’

The paramedics were met by an outpouring of support from locals who said they wouldn’t care if an ambulance blocked their drive way.

Resident Jackie Hood said: ‘Makes me ashamed to live in Lymington and [you are] welcome to block my drive anytime.’

Paul Loth, a clinical practitioner at a care home in Southampton, said: ‘People are seriously on another planet, surely?!

‘I would never dream of ever writing such nonsense in my life! By all means block my driveway! I don’t care how late I was or whatever knowing that you are saving someone’s life which is much more important!’

The note was also condemned by Mark Davies, deputy lead governor of South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.



He said: ‘Disgusting to see, very sad that some people do not appreciate the amazing work our clinicians do every day of the week. Zoe and Chris, thank you.’

Despite the overwhelming support for the paramedics, this is not the first time ambulance crews have been confronted for blocking someone’s drive.

In April, a paramedic was given abusive note as he battled to save girl’s life in back of ambulance.

Last year, a woman was arrested for leaving a note telling a paramedic: ‘I don’t give a sh*t, move your van’

On another occasion, in November 2017, a resident wrote a note saying: ‘You may be saving lives, but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive’.