It’s Good Friday which means a traditional fish and chips is a must.

However, with the coronavirus lockdown still in force the public are deprived of a trip to their local chippy to take up the Easter weekend tradition.

Papa’s Fish and Chips, one of Hull’s favourite places to eat, will remain closed on Good Friday for the first time in over 50 years.

But it hasn't stopped the owners coming up with a unique way customers can still enjoy their delicious fish supper - by sharing their secret family recipe.

Customers were able to purchase the secret recipe batter mix through their website from Friday and have it delivered straight to their door.

In an incredible gesture, owners say that every penny raised through the sales of their secret recipe batter mix, will be donated directly to local NHS hospitals to help purchase PPE.

Papas is selling fish and chips for £1
Papas is sharing its secret recipe

Within hours of posting the recipe, and accompanying 'how to' video online, owners say they received over 50 orders. You can find the recipe on their website here.

Dino Papas said: “All of the deliveries have been sent out and everyone who ordered yesterday should receive it today.

“If other people want to order the recipe we will try our best to get it sent out today but otherwise it will sent to them throughout the week.

“We only went live for a couple of hours and we got 55 orders in. By the time it is all done we are hoping to do hundreds of them.

“We got orders from Sheffield and Peterborough. We had to call them up to say we won’t be able to get it to them for Good Friday, but they were happy to receive it whenever we can get it to them.

“People are just missing fish and chips.”

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In light of the coronavirus crisis Papa’s owners decided to close all of its restaurants and takeaways on March 23 to protect their staff, customers and the wider community.

In sharing their secret recipe, customers will receive a ‘recipe card’ and ‘key item card’ and can also download a ‘how to video’.

Although Good Friday will soon be over, Dino says customers will still be able to purchase the recipe.

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“We will continue to do it,” he said. “We don’t have an exact plan to when we are going to stop it but we are still doing it for the rest of the week.”