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Pals trapped in Barclays bank for two HOURS after ‘security guards accidentally locked them in’

TWO women were left trapped inside a Barclays bank for two HOURS - claiming a security guard forgot about them and accidentally locked them in.

Sarah Agbiji and pal Renita Ruta filmed themselves desperately calling out to Christmas shoppers walking by the Manchester branch yelling: "We’ve been locked in the bank. We don’t work here”.

Sarah said she stopped by the Market Street, Manchester branch for a meeting with staff when she said they were forgotten about in an upstairs room as they closed up for the day.

After realising they'd been locked in, they contacted the Barclays HQ and Greater Manchester police but were stuck until someone could arrive with a key, on Saturday evening.

She then tried to call Barclays and said: “How do you leave people? What sort of security breach is that?”

She tried to call Greater Manchester Police but was put on hold: “I just told them what happened. We had a booking and they’ve gone and locked everywhere.”

Sarah filmed a video of them in the branch where it went viral on TikTok racking up 3.5 million views.

The pair slammed Barclays for the security breach as they were allowed to stroll round the bank unchecked, for 2 hours until they were found.

They were told alarms would eventually go off and the two friends said they were left hungry without any food.

Barclays security told the pair: “We are obviously trying to get you out there as soon as possible.

“The alarms will then try to activate at 9 o'clock but we will try and get you out before then.

“All we can do is apologise that this has happened.

“We are trying to get it resolved for you and we will keep you guys informed.”

Sarah joked: “We are really hungry, can they bring food?”

The man replied: “We will bring you a pizza.”

Sarah also filmed a tour of the bank - which she also posted to TikTok and got over 12,000 views.

She added: “We got forgotten upstairs. It's a really nice Barclays.”

After the long two hour wait, a worker eventually arrived with a key to release them.

Sarah added: “Oh my God, yes yes yes. We are outside. Barclays bye.”

Barclays has been approached for comment.

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