Paddy and Christine McGuinness left viewers in tears as they shared their first documentary.

Their emotional documentary, Our Family and Autism, aired on BBC One on Wednesday night.

It followed the couple as they navigated life as parents of three autistic children - twins Leo and Penelope, eight, and five-year-old Felicity.

It also saw Christine and Paddy visit schoolkids and young adults with autism to find out more about what the future may hold for their own children.

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Model Christine was also seen revealing her own autism diagnosis as well as former Manchester United and England midfielder Paul Scholes opening up about his nonverbal autistic son, Aiden.

During the hour-long film, comedian Paddy was seen chocking up as he admitted he fears his children 'won't know how love they are.'

"What gets to me with them all, and it’s only how I think, I think, ‘Will they ever know how loved they are? Do they understand what love is?" he said in the programme.

“When I’m with Leo every night in bed I will say to him, ‘Who loves you more than anything in the world?’. He’ll say, ‘you do’. Then I’ll go, ‘Do you love Daddy?’ and he’ll go, ‘yeah’.

Paddy became emotional as he spoke of his own fears

"But I think to myself, ‘Is he just saying that, or does he know that?’"

He also spoke openly about suffering from depression after refusing to talk about his children's diagnosis.

"It chipped away at me, with all of the things you have to do, things you have to deal with as a parent of children with autism. It dawned on me that, that’s it, that’s it forever. There’s no ‘they’ll get better as the years go on’," Paddy, 48, said.

"In that whole haze of clinical depression, if you’d have given me the chance to take autism away from my children, I would have said ‘yeah’ but autism is part of who they are, so why would I want to take away a part of my children which I love?

Christine and Paddy spoke to other parents, children and adults with autism

"I wasn’t unhappy for me. I was just stressed with the whole thing but I worked my bs off because I thought the only thing I can do for these kids is give them a life where they’re as comfortable as possible.

"What I should have been think­­ing is I need to give them as much love as I can. It’s more about having time with them. I realise that now."

Paddy was also full of praise for wife Christine, 33, who has spoken about her own recent autism diagnosis.

Viewers watching the documentary admitted to being in tears while watching as they praised the couple.

It was an emotional documentary

@davidwatsonuk tweeted: "I wasn’t expecting to be blubbing this evening @PaddyMcGuinness and Christine. You’re both gorgeous and doing a wonderful job as parents and adults navigating life. By sharing your story you’ll help many people in all sorts of ways! #ourfamilyandautism."

"In tears already with this program. So much of what they are saying hits home. #ourfamilyandautism," @laura79foster said.

@JenniMcAD added: "I highly recommend giving this a watch. It has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Have tissues at the ready as well. Just incredible #OurFamilyAndAutism."

"Just awesome well done to the McGuinness family for not just breaking down hidden barriers but smashing through them. Christine you are a hero. If you haven’t watched #ourfamilyandautism you should," @smartin123 wrote.

@AndrewJazzie wrote: "Hats off to Paddy & Christine McGuinness. That was eye opening and at times very moving. #OurFamilyandAutism #paddymcguinness."

"What wonderful parents Paddy and Christine are, very honest and eye opening documentary. #ourfamilyandautism," @salbourne echoed.

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