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Our Girl viewers devastated as Fingers is shot and Georgie breaks down over late fiancé Elvis in harrowing scenes

OUR Girl delivered some harrowing scenes to fans tonight as Georgie broke down over her dead fiancé Elvis and Fingers was shot.

Fans had voiced concerns the character - played by former Coronation Street star Sean Ward - was in danger last week, and tonight their fears were confirmed.

As the squad were out in the Afghan countryside, they were caught off guard and came under enemy fire.

Hiding in a ditch, one of the squaddies made a run for their truck nearby, before the others piled into the back once it was close enough.

Fingers covered them and continued to fire at the enemy, being the last to get into the truck as a final shot was heard.

But as the squad celebrated getting away unscathed, Fingers gave Georgie a look before touching his side and then revealing his hand covered in blood.

"Fingers has been shot! Man down!" Georgie cried as her friend's eyes rolled in the back of his head.

Pulling him to the floor of the truck, she started to tend to his injuries, before the screen faded to black leaving fans desperate to know if he survives or not.

Reacting to the scene, one fan said: "#ourgirl we lost elvis PLEASE don’t take fingers from us too."

Another added: "Held my breath for the last 10 minutes of #OurGirl and then burst into tears. I’m not emotionally equipped for this. Please save Fingers."

Someone else said: "You took Elvis don’t you dare take Fingers! My heart can’t cope."

Earlier in the episode, Georgie and Fingers shared another intense moment when he found her crying outside in the night.

Explaining how she was struggling with her grief for her late fiancé Elvis, who was killed at the end of the last series, she said: "Listen, I knew this was going to be hard, I did, but I just keep being reminded of Elvis.

"He was so alive here, he IS so alive here, I just miss him so f***ing much."

As she sobbed into his shoulder, she cried: "I don't I think can do this any more Fingers."

But doing his best to comfort his pal, he replied: "Don't crack up on us Georgie, you're the grown up babe, you're the one that's got her s*** together, come on."

Fans will now be hoping Georgie can help Fingers in his time of need just like he did for her.

Our Girl continues on Tuesday, April 14 at 9pm on BBC One. 

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