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Our Girl soldiers cover each other with poo-covered mops as toilet cleaning scene takes revolting turn

soiled soldiers

OUR Girl took a revolting turn this evening after the soldiers covered each other with poo-covered mops during a toilet cleaning scene.

The BBC drama has had plenty of drama in the first two episodes but tonight saw a more fun - but definitely gross - scene air.

The squad landed themselves in trouble thanks to 2 section newcomer Throbber (Kaine Zajaz).

Their punishment was to clean out the portaloos in the blazing hot Afghanistan sunshine, and while doing so, the group bickered over whose fault it was that they were doing such a grim job.

As the other squaddies continued to wind Throbber up, he eventually turned around and shoved his poo smeared mop right into the chest of Private Monk (Sean Sagar).

Monk looked disgusted and quickly pulled off his khaki T-shirt only to be laughed at even more when his pals clocked his slightly dodgy new tattoo on his shoulder.

However the poo-slinging and slang matching was soon over as the siren rang out around the barracks to warn everyone there was a potential threat close by.

Throbber joined the show this series and Michelle Keegan, who plays medic Georgie Lane, described him as "a bit of a naughty character, a bit of a risk taker, a bit of a wildcard."

Meanwhile, viewers are convinced ANOTHER original character will be killed off in a brutal season four twist.

They fear Fingers - played by former Coronation Street star Sean Ward - will meet a grisly end after last week's episode saw the character discussing his plans for a honeymoon in Lanzarote after his recent wedding.

However, many fans felt their was an ominous undercurrent to his words with one writing on Twitter: "Jeez, with dialogue like Fingers is definitely going to die this series."

Another added: "It really does look like they're killing Fingers and I'm not having that.

Sean has been part of the cast since the show began in 2013, and viewers were freaking out at the thought of his character being killed off after all this time.

Our Girl continues on Tuesday, April 14 at 9pm on BBC One. 

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