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Opinion: Residents will suffer if Brexit wounds are not healed

Former councillor Zaffar Van Kalwala worries about effect Brexit will have on Brent.

Former councillor Zaffar Van Kalwala worries about effect Brexit will have on Brent.


After Boris Johnson's thumping election victory, the prime minister has promised to get "Brexit done". Britain will definitely leave the EU but what will that look like?

Tory Brexiteers will push for places like Brent to become a "London Borough of Singapore" with low tax rates, low regulation and more skyscrapers and trade deals with Donald Trump.

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This would be a disaster for Brent. Instead of continuing the cuts, studies show residents support government investment in local services.

A Deloitte survey showed 62 per cent of respondents said "government services should be extended, even if it meant tax increases". Although it looks like the Conservatives have stolen some Labour ideas such as a higher minimum wage, extra NHS funding and more infrastructure spending. Parts of Brent are crumbling. Local foodbanks distributed over 3,000 food parcels last year. The borough also continues to witness the horrors of knife crime and gang violence. Brent has the second highest number of gang members in London according to the Metropolitan Police. Higher wages and more police officers are definitely needed as offered in the Conservative manifesto.

The Tories have also promised 50,000 new nurses but this maybe too late for Central Middlesex Hospital's urgent care centre, which is looking to slash its opening hours. If the healing is to happen - after Brexit, the government needs to get the rest done! Or it will be Brent residents who will continue to suffer the horrible consequences.

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