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Olivia Colman to front new true crime drama Landscapers as killer who murdered parents and buried them in garden

OLIVIA Colman is set to star in new true crime drama Landscapers as a killer who murdered her parents and buried them in the garden.

The Sky and HBO four-part series will see the Oscar-winner become Susan Edwards, a mild-mannered woman who - alongside husband Christopher - killed her parents and buried them in the garden where they lay undiscovered for over a decade.

The black comedy will examine how the devoted couple could actually be cold-hearted killers.

The synopsis reads: "Pivoting through various perspectives from Susan and Chris, to the police officers and lawyers involved in the investigation, the drama also draws the audience into the surreal fantasy world that Susan and Christopher created by casting themselves as their Hollywood heroes in stories of their own invention.

"This is the story of a unique murder case involving four lives lived on the margins of society, that turns into an exhilarating and darkly funny exploration of love and fantasy: its power and its peril."

The series will be directed by Oscar-winning director Alexander Payne, who has worked on films including The Descendants and Sideways.

Landscapers is produced by Sister, the award-winning producers of Chernobyl, in association with South of the River Pictures, the new production company from Olivia and Ed Sinclair, for Sky and HBO.

The series will start filming in 2020 and will air on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK.

Speaking about her latest project, Olivia said: "I love Ed’s scripts, which is just as well as he cooks many of my meals.

"No, the truth is it’s quite rare to be desperate to play a part on the first reading of a script, but that was the case here.

"The writing is brave, but subtle and tender too - a joy for any actor.”

Meanwhile Jane Featherstone, Co-Founder at Sister added: “The intelligence and deeply imaginative breadth of first time screenwriter Ed Sinclair’s scripts sees a constant re-invention of the true crime genre and it’s a testament to his writing that we have assembled a hugely experienced team of world class creatives.

"Oscar winning Olivia Colman is an extraordinary actor whose ability to disappear into a role is second to none and I’m thrilled to be re-united with her on this project.

"And with the incredible Alexander Payne at the helm, we are lucky to have a director whose skill for dark humour and character will ensure that Landscapers constantly surprises audiences.”

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