Olivia Attwood panicked her fiancé Bradley Dack as she admitted to checking his messages every night before bed.

The paranoid former Love Island star is set to marry the Blackburn Rovers footballer next year in a lavish affair.

But it seems Olivia, 29, is struggling with trust issues after her failed past relationships as she revealed she checks Bradley's phone when he goes to sleep as part of her nighttime ritual.

In her new ITV series Olivia Meets Her Match, she told her hunk she likes to snoop through his DMs when he's fast asleep.

She warns him: "I'll go down your phone if you want to play that game, Sonny."

While Bradley, 26, says: "Go for it, I've got nothing to hide."

Olivia Attwood wasn't shy to tell her fiancé

His wife-to-be continued: "Why do you think I go to bed later than you? It's so I can check your messages."

Bradley, who seemed on edge by Liv's answer, asked her how she found looking though his messages.

She joked: "It's boring to be fair. The girls you message don't message you back very often."

Bradley seemed worried by her big reveal

Olivia's fans were outraged by her honesty, with one commenting on social media: "Well if that's not a recipe for a disastrous marriage I don't know what is. She comes across as quite the bunny boiler."

A second shared: "Look all you want he'll have a second phone."

"I think she's funny myself. Nice to be able to have a laugh for a change!" a third added.

The reality star has been engaged to Bradley since last year, when he got down on one knee in Dubai.

They were due to tie the knot this year in a sunny country abroad, but the coronavirus pandemic has pushed their wedding back to 2021.

Olivia has admitted she wouldn't mind if her hubby-to-be had to cancel his pre-wedding party

Liv recently admitted she'd be "happy" if Bradley had to cancel his stag do ahead of the wedding.

He wants three stags - in England, Las Vegas and Ibiza - and Olivia is unimpressed by his decision.

In a teaser clip for her show, she said: "Look I am not going to say I am worried about Brad's stag do but I'm not like happy about it. If it got cancelled, would I cry? No. Would I be happy? Yes.

"He thinks he's going to have two stag dos. I said, 'That is hilarious darling because at this rate you are barely getting one!'"

The bride-to-be is set to tie the knot to the Blackburn Rovers footballer in a lavish ceremony surrounded by their family and friends next year

Much to her disappointment, one of her friends tried to wind her up as they asked: "One in Vegas by any chance?"

While Olivia responded: "He said, 'Because I want to do one in America, where I will take all the football boys, and then I will do another one for my home friends'.

"And I said, 'No, no, no, no, no. There is one and whoever comes, comes and whoever doesn't go, doesn't go!'"

Olivia also shared her frustration on Bradley bragging about his upcoming stag do celebrations.

She opened up about checking his phone

She added: "It's really annoying me and when people talk about the wedding, and they go, 'Oh, what have you do for the wedding?' And he is like, 'My stag do, my stag do!'

"I am like, 'Shut up', they asked about the wedding like he is really excited about it.'

In better news, Olivia can't wait for her hen do. She said: "That is going to be amazing, obviously."

*Olivia Meets Her Match airs on Sunday at 10pm on ITVBe.

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