A 107-year-old woman has recovered from coronavirus, making her likely to be the oldest survivor worldwide.

Cornelia Ras and 40 others fell ill the day after attending a church service in Goeree-Overflakkee, Netherlands, to mark her her 107th birthday.

Along with many residents of her care home, she was diagnosed with covid-19.

Twelve of those 40 have now died, but Cornelia was told by her doctors on Monday that she had beaten the infection.

Dutch Army Medical personnel in the Utrecht hospital in Utrecht, the Netherlands (file photo)

Cornelia's niece Maaike de Groot told the Dutch newspaper AD: "We did not expect her to survive this.

"She takes no medicines, still walks well and gets down on her knees every night to thank the Lord.

In the Netherlands 2,396, the country's Institute for Public Health reported.

Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg, The Netherlands receives patients

It also had 21,762 cases of covid-19 reported.

In the UK a 101-year-old man has become the oldest Brit to beat coronavirus.

Keith Watson was discharged from the Alexandra Hospital in Worcestershire on Wednesday after recovering from the killer bug and has returned to his care home.

The grandfather, from Kidderminster, had tested positive for Covid-19 after going into hospital for an operation on his leg following a fall.

The battling senior's daughter-in-law admitted he is "bemused" by the reaction to his impressive recovery.

Jo Watson, said he is "amazing for his age" but could believe the reaction to his recovery.