Four years ago shoppers in Britain went into mourning as one of the UK's most popular high street chains closed its doors for good.

After years of providing joy to parents and kids alike, Toys R Us shut up shop forever - or so we thought.

It's now been confirmed that the retail chain is making a comeback to the high street and online in the UK, and I, for one, couldn't be happier.

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Speaking about the comeback, Yehuda Shmidman, Chairman and CEO of parent company WHP Global and Toys "R" Us, said: “We selected Toys 'R' Us ANZ as our partner to expand into the United Kingdom because of their proven success in launching with us in Australia under the leadership of their CEO, Dr Louis Mittoni.

“Toys 'R' Us today is a vibrant business with over 900 stores and e-commerce sites across 25 plus countries generating over $2billion a year in sales and growing, especially with the new launches underway for both the US and UK markets.”

Dr Louis Mittoni, CEO and Managing Director of Toys "R" Us ANZ, added: “Tailoring our successful Australian relaunch plan to the UK echoes the success of other e-commerce ‘platform play’ businesses that have delivered growth and value due to their ability to quickly and cost effectively expand their software, processes, partner relationships and brands into new countries.

“Since Toys 'R' Us returned to Australia in June 2019, we have scaled quickly as customers returned to the much-loved brand and our e-commerce model has proven its success.

“My team and I are looking forward to developing technical and commercial relationships with UK-based vendors and partners and to engage with the many loyal Toys 'R' Us former customers and fans in the UK.”