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Ohio ex-con, 28, murdered blind date, 31, before telling her 10-year-old son ‘mamma’s taking a nap’, cops say

AN ex-convict is accused of murdering his blind date in her apartment - before telling her young son that his mom was "taking a nap".

Mom-of-two Shanika Bogan, 31, was found dead at her apartment in Dayton, Ohio, last Friday.

Her body was discovered by her mom Tracie Berry, who found out what happened from her 10-year-old grandson.  

"(The suspect) told my oldest grandson, 'I'm going to give your mama a massage,'" she told WHIO-TV.

"I know he went in the bedroom and shut the door… and he came out told my grandson, 'She's taking a nap – get (yourself) some cereal to snack on and I'll be back'… and left." 

The suspect, who was later identified as Kendall Beasley, 28, was arrested Thursday by Dayton police and the U.S. Marshal’s SOFAST Task Force and charged with murder and felony assault. 

"She was dead upon their arrival," Dayton Police Lt. Jason Hall told People. "It was an intentional killing." 

The grieving grandmother started being worried last week when she did not receive a text from her daughter.

It was then when she decided to drive to her house in Uhrig Avenue- only to find her dead in the apartment, where her two children were.

"It's unbelievable that it really happened," Berry told WHIO-TV.  

"Shanika wouldn't hurt a fly."

Shanika and Beasley knew each other "for a very short period of time," Hall says.

"She was set up basically in kind of a blind date type of situation," he added.

"He was obviously pursuing a romantic relationship with her."

While Shanika's two children aged 10 and 4 were inside the house, they did not witness the killing.

Authorities are now working to determine a motive.

"We still have a lot of work to do on the motive end of that," Hall said.

"We are trying to piece together the events that occurred but I don't have an answer for that right now."

Shanika's brother William Bogan described his sister a "sweetheart." 

 "Like, literally the nicest person you will ever meet," he told WHIO-TV. 

"She did everything for those boys," added Berry. "It's devastating. It really is."

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