Lurching from disaster to disaster, Boris Johnson displays the sure-footedness of a recklessly incompetent PM.

Forced by a thunderous public backlash against his betrayal of NHS workers he clapped as heroes then slapped in the face to suddenly re-open the door to a higher pay offer, jittery Johnson deserves no credit.

A marginally less mean pay rise would be no cause for celebration when a cynical, politically calculating Conservative leader is concerned above all else with saving his skin.

The insulting 1% proposal confirms the Prime Minister lacks decent values, reasonable instincts or a moral compass.

Just as Marcus Rashford had to shame Johnson into feeding school children, the great British public has humiliated him into acknowledging a debt of honour.

Boris has refused to raise nurse pay above one per cent

A PM who presided over unnecessarily lost lives in this pandemic is once again exposed as terrifyingly out of touch.

Oprah stinger

We can safely assume the Queen is not amused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to be interviewed on US TV.

The Royal Family undoubtedly braced itself as the shocking revelations to Oprah Winfrey flew across the Atlantic.

People will be split, siding with or against Harry and Meghan as they noisily make their new life and fortune as celebrity Royals.

The monarchy has survived more dangerous crises in recent decades and will still be here when the dust has died down from this.

But what is not yet clear is who will be the winners and who are the losers.

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Pope and glory

There is a message the world’s political leaders can take from the Pope’s historic trip to Iraq, which included a meeting with the head of Shia Islam.

Talking, visiting and engaging will never immediately resolve problems but it’s more likely to produce answers than confrontation when far more unites us than divides us.