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Nunes vs Spencer LIVE RESULTS: Latest updates with prelims underway and all the build-up to the main event


AMANDA NUNES is set to defend her featherweight crown in the main event as UFC 250 comes at you from Sin City.

There's a packed card for fight fans to enjoy tonight, with the prelims featuring Alex Caceres and Cody Stamann before the main card takes off with Eddie Wineland vs Sean O'Malley.

Follow ALL of the latest updates from Las Vegas below...

Full card

Main Card (from 3am BST on BT Sport 1)

Prelims (from 1am BST on BT Sport 1)

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr3 minutes ago


    Pitolo says: “All my hard work paid off, the quarantine camp, I want to thank all my gyms and training partners.

    “I want to say happy birthday to my wife, it's her birthday and she is beautiful.

    “I am coming home to my kids, I love them.”

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr8 minutes ago


    Byrd went to ground very easily and then Pitolo rained blows down on to him.

    American Byrd seemed to wilt and rolled up into a ball.

    With free shits not getting defended or answered, the ref had to stop the fight.

    Herb Dean dived in after Pitolo was punched and elbowed in the head one too many times.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr9 minutes ago

    ROUND 2

    Team Byrd told their boy he did “awesome work”, they warn him against doing too much grappling.

    Pitolo's corner order deep breaths and warn that Byrd is going to swarm him early.

    Pitolo starts the round boxing again but Byrd aims haymakers back.

    Byrd is taken down and battered – it's over!

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr12 minutes ago

    ROUND 1

    Byrd spins and is now on top with Pitolo on the floor.

    Pitolo is in a tight spot with Byrd looking for a guillotine but the action flips again and Pitolo gets on top.

    Byrd takes Pitolo down and then lands a big slam that could take the round with the judges.

    Byrd finishes with some ground and pound.


  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr15 minutes ago

    ROUND 1

    Herb Dean in charge of this bout.

    Pitolo starts with a boxing combo Byrd blocks.

    Byrd looking to grapple against the cage wall with double underhooks and the ruck goes to the ground.

    Pitolo on top for now, a dip in action for a few seconds.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr18 minutes ago


    Maki Pitolo vs Charles Byrd now up next.

    Byrd has lost his last two and Pitolo is a monster puncher.

    And Pitolo has the nickname Coconut Bombs, so is pretty sure to win.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr34 minutes ago


    Alex Perez knows what time it is…

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr36 minutes ago


    Perez says: “I met him 10 years ago so it was hard because he is a friend.

    “But I want to make it to the top and get a title shot.

    “I competed in the Contender series and wrestled in high school so fighting without fans is nothing new to me.”

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr38 minutes ago


    Leon Rocky Edwards has had an offer…

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr40 minutes ago


  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr40 minutes ago


    Formiga is stuck on a chair getting his left leg iced and treated.

    Perez scythed down the lead limb and left his flyweight rival in a heap.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr41 minutes ago

    KO WIN

    Perez stops Formiga with leg kicks!

    Perez slashed away at the calf of Formiga and he crumbled in the final seconds of the round.

    Amazing win. Formiga's front leg just crumbled and his knee and shin look horrible.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr43 minutes ago

    ROUND 1

    Formiga attacked with leg kicks from Perez early on.

    Both men swapping punches but little damage getting done.

    Perez is on the front foot, Formiga trying to score on the counter.

    Wrestling is usually Perez's game but he has tried plenty of kicks and punches.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr49 minutes ago


    Jussier Formiga vs Alex Perez in the flyweight division.

    Perez has 4 wins by KO and 7 by sub.

    Brazil's Formiga is making his 16th UFC appearance, aged 35.

    The flyweight title is up for grabs after Henry Cejudo retired.

    Can these dudes make a bid for it?

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr55 minutes ago


    A great upset win for Devin Clark

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr57 minutes ago


    Devin Clark gets the shock win!

    The judges said: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr57 minutes ago


  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr58 minutes ago

    ROUND 3

    Menifield has made a mess of Clark's face but it was a couple of early sweet shots.

    Clark has enjoyed plenty of surprise success.

    The bell goes and both men walk off looking confident of getting the decision win.

  • ROUND 3

    The fight is on the deck again with Clark going for Menifield's neck.

    Menifield is looking vulnerable but Clark is not much of a submission finisher.

    Menifield gets back to his feet but Clark is in the driving seat.

  • ROUND 3

    Devin Clark is on the verge of upsetting the Menifield train.

    Menifield is plenty of muscles and power but Clark has out-thought him.

    Clark's takedown attempts have sucked but his striking is first rate.

    Menifield has always looked in control but only a handful of punches have really landed.

  • ROUND 2

    Clark lands a handful of knees in Menifield's torso and connects with a few punches.

    Either Clark is well short of punch power or Menifield has a chin of steel.

    Both corners believe their man can get the win.

  • ROUND 2

    Clark lives in these late rounds, Menifield is a stranger to two and three.

    Menifield lands another uppercut and a right hand, Clark now cut around the mouth.

    Clark has landed plenty more strikes in this session but Menifield has done the damage.

    Clark is being the busier man but Menifield has controlled the flow of the fight.

  • ROUND 2

    Menifield took the opening round, Clark is down to one eye.

    But Clark showed some skills and his corner believe Menifield will gas.

    Both men are throwing bombs and have shown solid whiskers.

    Menifield is headed for deep and unfamiliar waters.

  • ROUND 1

    Menifield controlling the final few seconds.

    Clark has survived a painful round but the doctor will check his eye during the break.

    Clark throws a stream of strikes and lands one on the backfoot.

    Menifield proves his chin and takes Clark to the wall.


  • ROUND 1

    Menifield connected with an uppercut and Clark started squinting and wincing.

    A left uppercut lands from Menifield again and Clark's left eye is brutally swollen and he appears blinded in that eye for now.

    Clark is fighting with one eye but hurling knees in the clinch. Menifield trying elbows and more punches.

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