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Nunes vs Spencer LIVE RESULTS: Amanda Nunes arrives, main card underway, latest updates ahead of of main event


AMANDA NUNES is set to defend her featherweight crown in the main event as UFC 250 comes at you from Sin City.

There's a packed card for fight fans to enjoy tonight, with the prelims featuring Alex Caceres and Cody Stamann before the main card takes off with Eddie Wineland vs Sean O'Malley.

Follow ALL of the latest updates from Las Vegas below...

Full card

Main Card

Prelim results:

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jrjust now


    Aljamain Sterling vs.Cory Sandhagen in a fight fans have been getting very excited about,

    Two guys with highlight reel careers looking to climb the ladder again.

    In that video Jorge Masvidal claims UFC fighters get only 18 per cent of the millions they bring in.

    is that fair?

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr11 minutes ago


    The Baddest MoFo has spoken…

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr12 minutes ago


    Magny wins it!

    The judges decided: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28

    Martin stunned and fuming

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr14 minutes ago

    ROUND 3

    Martin is surviving for the bell.

    Magny is whacking him and dragging him around the cage.

    Martin does and two late right hands to warn Magny of his remaining power.


  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr15 minutes ago

    ROUND 3

    Great one-two from Magny, classy boxing from the Denver man.

    Martin looks gassed, gasping for air with a busted nose too.

    one, two, three punches land from Magny, he's pinging his rival around the ring now.

    Martin defends a trip and a sweep so Magny knees in the clinch.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr17 minutes ago

    ROUND 3

    This fight is wide open.

    Magny applying pressure but not much at the end of it.

    Martin on the backfoot but throwing with more malice.

    Magny right hand lands and he shoots for a takedown.

    Martin staves off another takedown attempt with style.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr20 minutes ago

    ROUND 2

    In the break, Team Martin told their man not to rush.

    Magny's corner claimed Martin is already tiring.

    Martin takes the fight to the floor but Magny drives it back to feet.

    The cagey round ends.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr27 minutes ago

    ROUND 1

    Martin is 17-5 and 6ft tall while Magny starts the night 22-8 and 6ft 3in with a massive 80in reach.

    Denver ace Magny starts on the front foot but then gives up his back as Martin latches.

    Magny has spent a lot of time up against the cage wall but both men score with jabs at distance.

    Martin is fighting for a contract extension and he has shown promise so far.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr34 minutes ago


    Neil Magny and Anthony Rocco Martin will now try to follow Sean O'Malley.

    The UFC TV audience is still talking about the incredible 12-0 ace and his most recent finish moments earlier.

    Brooklyn boy Magny has won 3 of his last 4 and loves upsetting the bookies.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr38 minutes ago


  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr44 minutes ago


    “I think that was worth a 100k (bonus) more than the usual 50.

    “I believe I have the best striking game in MMA. I know I have not fought a lot of guys yet but I am going to keep doing that.

    “There are some exciting fights soon that I will watch and I want to renegotiate my contract.”

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr46 minutes ago


  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr47 minutes ago


    The corn-rolled ace feinted with an uppercut and threw a vicious right hand that folded his opponent.

    Wineland still looks amazed.

    Sugar Sean gives his battered rival a hug before leading him out of the ring.

    One of the most amazing walk-off KOs the experienced UFC comms team has ever seen.

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr49 minutes ago


    Massive right hand wins it for O'Malley

    Towering O'Malley starts with three headkicks that miss.

    Prizefighter Wineland looks for looping hooks and connects with the first meaningful shot.

    But the superstar then stops the clocks with sensational style!

  • Wally Downes Jr 's avatarWally Downes Jr52 minutes ago


    Superstar Sean O'Malley is in the octagon looking for a fight.

    The giant flatted afro will soon be met by the classic Eddie Wineland moustache.

    Will former champ Wineland be a stiff test for the 11-0 starlet?

    Or is O'Malley about to make it a dozen scalps on his record?

  • ROUND 3

    Caceres is coasting now, Cooper is desperare and looks it.

    Caceres is picking his shots and landing them at will.

    Caceres takes an accidental one to the groin, so action is stopped for a quick recovery

    Hooper must be deflated right now, he has tried everything and come up short.

    Young Hooper's step-up has not been successful.

    Scores to come…

  • ROUND 2

    Hooper's team tell him to look for more head-kicks in the second round.

    Hooper aims a huge head-kick at Caceres but misses and falls embarrassinly to the floor.

    Caceres now has him on the floor but the fight unfolds and goes back to the feet.

    Hooper ends the fight getting tagged any, it looks like young Hooper is two rounds down and looking for some magic.

    Cooper's corner tell him at the break that he is two down and needs a stoppage.

  • ROUND 1

    Hooper is marching around the ring, throwing bombs.

    But Caceres is telegraphing all of his attacks and exposing his weankesses.

    A bit of grappling to end the opener, a round for Caceres with the three judges, surely.

  • ROUND 1

    Two southpaws jabbing away, with Caceres scoring best early on.

    Hooper is dropped but allowed back up, the wunderkid is being tested.

    Hooper is looking for the submission now, after coming up short boxing.

    The gangly youngster has Caceres' back but the fight is still vertical.


    Alex Caceres vs Chase Hooper making their ways to the cage.

    Hooper is only 20 and cannot drink in the same state he is fighting for money in.

    Caceres dances his way to the ring for UFC appearance 22.

    The underdog has struggled for finishes but is super-experienced.


    Undefeated Chase Hooper is fighting a veteran…


    The Hurricane wins

    Meerschaert is supported tonight by team-mate and ex-WWE star CM Punk.

    Meerschaert welcomed to the fight with two brutal leg kicks from Heinisch.

    Heinlisch drops Meerschaert with a monster right hand and batters Meerschaert before the ref dives in.

    Light work!


    Ian Heinisch vs Gerald Meerschaert right here and right now

    Meerschaert with 30 MMA wins and 28 inside the distance, 22 of those submissions.

    'Hurricane' Heinisch strolls in to some Bob Dylan – deserves a win for that walkout music.


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