Great Britain

No one should be a prisoner of their own mortgage

My heart goes out to all those people living as mortgage prisoners whose lives are being ruined through no fault of their own. I cannot begin to imagine how desperate they feel, and I hope the class action lawsuit brings them some respite. 

This is yet another example of ordinary people being sacrificed on the altar of the financial industry which always seems to be protected from loss. 

Of course the clue is in the name of the company their futures were sold out to: Cerberus, the hound of Hades, whose job it is to prevent the escape from hell. How apt.

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Sharing the full story, not just the headlines

Deborah Everett

History begins again

The spectacle of Davos is ludicrous – a flashback to the 90s, when we were told about “the end of history” and it was declared that the US, having won the Cold War, had proved that its way was the only way. How silly we all were. Just tell anyone living under Trump, or Brexit, or Putin that history ended when the Berlin Wall came down. And I suspect Greta Thunberg herself would have a thing to say about the way we lived back then.

Gisette Hornchurch

Made in Europe

I was interested to see that Boris Johnson signed the EU Withdrawal Agreement with what looks very much like a German pen.

Perhaps he had to since the UK is too busy selling so-called services to actually make anything.

Dr Anthony Ingleton

Speaking up

I read the column from Tim Wyatt about Fergal Keane changing his role in the BBC organisation due to his ongoing PTSD, which has manifested itself from his years in his career as Africa Editor.

This must unfortunately go with the territory of reporting in these so dangerous areas of the world. I wholeheartedly admire these journalists, men and women, who bring us the up-to-date situations from places where the majority of us would fear and dare to tread.

So I applaud Fergal Keane unreservedly for all his stalwart work and sincerely hope and trust that his new role in the BBC will be more conducive to his mental health and well-being. I would also commend him for his shining a light on the condition of PTSD and how it has detrimentally affected him.

Judith A. Daniels
Great Yarmouth

Beyond belief

As a schoolboy in the early-mid 1970s, I can remember clearly the perfect hilarity amongst my contemporaries and I every time we heard the phrase: “We are all wretched sinners!”

Given the abject tosh emanating from the Church of England the other day, I assume that these words will shortly be resurrected (no pun intended), probably with the same increased levels of levity.

Another example of: when on earth will some people ever learn?

Robert Boston