It's officially winter, aka the time where it's practically mandatory to have a roast dinner every week.

The classic dish often features roast meat, Yorkshire puddings, roasted or boiled veg and naturally lashings of gravy.

And a huge pile of golden, crispy roast potatoes, with a perfect fluffy inside, of course.

We all have our methods -with some chefs swearing by goose fat, while others simply use olive oil.

Now Nigella has shared her view, Leicestershire Live reports.

The national treasure says people can transform their potatoes into golden delicious nuggets with just a few ingredients - salt and pepper, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar.

Nigella Lawson has stepped in with her own twist on the tasty treat (


The chef had a unique twist (


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And she steams them for about 30 minutes before they get put in the oven to ensure they have an earth-shattering crunch.

“While steaming then roasting potatoes may seem rather a fandango, one bite of these will convince you that it's utterly worth it; besides, it's not as if you have to do anything while they either steam or roast,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Go slowly when adding the salt and vinegar, tasting as you go, as I like these to have the wincing hit of salt and vinegar crisps, and you may prefer a lighter hand with the sprinkling.”

They were met with a note of approval on social media, as one fan raved: "This is the KEY to ensuring your spuds are perfectly fluffy. Queen Nigella strikes again."

Another commented: "So easy to make and you can prep ahead during all of our lockdown time."

A third joked: "Commonly known as chips," with a laughing emoji.

"I've been riffing of of this for months and making different versions and they're SO good. Thank you for introducing them to me," raved another.

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