Former Everton goalkeeper Nigel Martyn has looked back on his time at the club and believes David Moyes gave him his "football dignity" back.

The 54-year-old has also addressed the situation of Jordan Pickford and discussed what the current Blues man is doing much better recently.

The ex-shot stopper was already a veteran by the time he made the move to Goodison Park from Leeds United in 2003, having spent a year on the bench, but got straight to work in proving why his transfer was the right decision.

The now 54-year-old is regularly heralded as one of Moyes' best signings during his time on Merseyside and was a key figure behind the Blues finishing fourth in 2005.

Looking back on a 0-0 draw with Liverpool in 2004 sparks a particular memory for the former Everton man, and he explains how that side focused on keeping clean sheets.

Martyn told Royal Blue Mersey: “I remember saying to the gaffer, ‘That performance is for you.

“That’s what it felt like; that he’d given me my footballing dignity back, given me a chance to carry on. It was nice to repay him with that. That was obviously one of the highlights.

“It was a tough season; we were struggling against relegation the whole time. What we had there was a very good team spirit. We were very well-organised by the manager.

“My wife used to say to me all the time, ‘Why have we always got to just win 1-0?! Why can’t we score a second?!’ She said it’s horrible watching, but I can remember saying to her, ‘I absolutely love it.’

“If we were 1-0 up and there’s 15 minutes to go and they’re battering us, I just felt so in control of the situation. If a goal went in and it wasn’t my fault, it didn’t affect me.

“We put a premium on clean sheets. Yes, you look at the goalkeeper and it reflects well on him, but it was a team thing. Clean sheets were something we took pride in. We were very good at getting over the line and winning those games 1-0.”

Bernard of Everton celebrates after scoring his team's first goal during the Premier League match between Everton and Manchester United at Goodison Park

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Martyn also turned his attention to the current goalkeeping situation at the club and addressed the form of Pickford.

The Blues shot-stopper recently revealed that a sports psychologist has helped him to improve his game over the last few weeks, and he has been crucial to Carlo Ancelotti's side picking up vital points.

And the former Everton man has advised the 26-year-old to ignore criticism from elsewhere and to play a little more calm in certain situations.

“If I played in this era, I wouldn’t have bothered with social media," Martyn added.

"You know if you’re playing badly. What you don’t need is 20,000 people messaging you telling you so.

“The only criticism you take notice of is from your manager, your goalkeeping coach and yourself, because you know if you’ve played well or not. And on a Saturday, if you’re getting it in the neck from supporters, they’re not stupid. They know if you’re playing well or not. If you have a bad game, you have to bounce back.

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“What he [Pickford]’s done better of late is he’s not getting as animated in games and not getting as caught up in things; just trying to be a little bit more relaxed in his approach. There’s nothing better than watching a goalkeeper play and seeing him calm the whole time.

“You can tell he’s desperate to do well, to make saves and show everyone how good he is. But the best way of doing that is to let it happen and your skills will come out.

"Sometimes, it just seems everything’s 100 miles an hour with him. He just needs to chill a little bit sometimes.”