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Nicole Kidman asks Andy Cohen if her Undoing character Grace Fraser ‘would make a good Real Housewife’

NICOLE Kidman asked Bravo star Andy Cohen if her Undoing character Grace Fraser “would make a good Real Housewife”. 

The actress was teasing the nail-biting finale of her hit murder mystery show, The Undoing, which is set to reach its climax tonight on Sky Atlantic.

Sharing a series of excited tweets from fans anxiously waiting to find out who killed Elena Alves, the 53-year-old posed the question to Andy Cohen, who is synonymous with the Real Housewives franchise.  

Nicole wrote under one comment on her IG Stories, “Do you think Grace Fraser would make a good Real Housewife @bravoandy?”

Nicole is starring in one of TV’s most talked-about dramas, Sky Atlantic’s gripping series The Undoing, which concludes today. She is also executive producer and even sings the title track Dream A Little Dream Of Me. 

She plays Grace, a wealthy New York therapist whose life is shattered when she discovers her seemingly perfect husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant) is accused of murdering Elena (Matilda De Angelis) — who also turns out to be his mistress.

Sounds a bit like some of the Real Housewives – except without the murder.

Nicole, who is happily married to musician Keith Urban, was determined that she and Hugh sizzled on screen.

She said: “I hope Hugh and I make a sexy couple. For it to work, you have to want these people to be together. I hope people want us to be together. I hope that is the desire on screen.”

In 1999 she appeared naked in erotic movie Eyes Wide Shut alongside her then husband Tom Cruise.

Nicole negotiated with its legendary director Stanley Kubrick to ensure she was com­for­table baring all.

She said: “He was like, ‘I’m going to want full-frontal nudity’, and I was like, ‘Aah I don’t know’. So we came up with a great agreement, which was contractual. He would show me the scenes with the nudity before they made it into the film.

“Then I could feel completely safe. I didn’t say no to any of it. I’d wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to be me standing there nude and every­­one laughing at me. I was prot­ected.” 

Since then Nicole has stripped dozens more times for work, including filming the disturb­ing sex scenes in 2017 drama Big Little Lies.

That saw the Aussie actress playing Celeste, who appeared to be turned on by shockingly violent episodes with her abusive husband.

In one interview Nicole explained: “When I would go home, I would feel ashamed. And that’s the same emotions Celeste was having. But I was willing to do that because that’s what was important for the role.

“I felt very exposed and vulnerable and deeply humiliated at times.

“I remember lying on the floor in the bathroom when we were doing the scenes in episode seven, and I wouldn’t get up between takes. I was just lying there, sort of brok­en and crying in half-torn underwear.”

As co-producer, she had a say about the gruelling scenes but she has always been determined to perform at her best. The flame-haired star, who has won a Bafta, two Emmys and five Golden Globes, set up her own production company in 2010 because she was keen to give the audience more. 

She said: “I knew there were great stories out there for women but they weren’t being funded. Everyone kept saying, ‘There’s no interest, they are going to flop’ or ‘The only thing you can do is romantic comedies’, or ‘You can go into theatre’. ”

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